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Super RMN Bros REMIX

Shortstar took it upon himself to take several levels from RMN Bros and add his own touch to them. Some are adding segments in the middle or end of a level, expanding it, or reworking it from the ground up with the goal of improving the level. Not all levels were changed, but I updated the hub world so remixed levels are marked with a REMIX and a ??/5 difficulty but I didn't change their location. You can snag it under the downloads tab or from this link. For more SMBX fun you can check out Shortstar's own SMBX games here on RMN!

Here's the list of levels changed for the curious in alphabetical order:

A Very Regal Mario
Ankle Biter Forest
Giga Underground Way
Lava Locks
Lava Underground
Lazy Lake
Mediocre Central
Snowy Plain
Trap Jumps
Underground Run
Ylo Bro!


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Thanks for posting this blog. Chances are I probably made levels too long. Some levels can't be improved upon, so I never touched them.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
I played it. I like the additions you added to some of the levels, but on others I didn't.

Specifically for levels like 1-1 and snowy plains, you made the levels a lot more difficult than what they were originally intended to be, ESPECIALLY in 1-1. You placed a shy guy right next to the checkpoint, so I die upon entry, and what's with the "strategy" of bouncin on bullet bills to get across ledges? That was just completely bogus, and considering there was a Lakitu following you it just made the level completely broken.

I'm a little dissapointed that many of the levels that NEEDED a fix didn't get one, including D-Bone's Bowser Road and MaxMcgee's Acrophobia (ESPECIALLY Acrophobia. That level is a complete and utter shitfest. I had to cheat to beat it.)

Overall, I was kind of dissapointed. I was hoping that for a majority of these levels, you would make them BETTER and not LONGER/HARDER.
1-1 is an abomination. It could be 4 levels and not 1. I'll fix what you suggested.

I'll look at the other two levels. There's only so many levels 1 man can remix :-)

I still feel that I made them better, but yes they are longer / harder. Some levels that are only 2 screens its tough to keep them as easy... because they're only 2 screens.
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
What I'm trying to get at with the difficulty is that in most cases, you made the levels harder than what they were originally intended to be. For a level rated "1/5" in difficulty, I do not expect to making precisely timed jumps, deal with an overload of enemies, and try to navigate through narrow passageways which require that I lightly tap the jump button to avoid hitting the ceiling and falling to my doom.

Longer does not have to mean harder.
- That Shy Guy was terrible yes. An unintentional mistake.
- You can take out Lakitu with a shell. Now I've added a Toad to inform you of that.
- No where do you need to hop on a bullet bill to make it across a gap. However, there's a part where it does look like you do.

I will make this level easier... to start things.
You're right about 1-1 being 1/5 difficulty.

- Added several powerups to make it easier.
- Added a limitless supply of shells to break through blocks... but you can actually go over the blocks.
- Removed Lakitu all together.
- Removed the illusion that you need to jump on bullet bills.
- Removed spinies. The only reason they were there was the previous maker had spinies and no goombas.
- Section 1 is CLEARLY easier if not a breeze to run through.
- Jumping paratroopas now jump up and down.
- Enemies were redone in section 1.
- Several tough jumps for section 2 were plugged up.
- Sex bob-omb pipes are now shy guy pipes.
- Section 2 felt long, so I made myself a deal... If you take warp 2 in section 1, you come out warp 1 in section 2. And vise versa. The more you play section 1, the less you play in section 2.

With this level bein 4 in 1, you really do feel like you accomplished something when you beat it.
- Covered up a few tricky holes, like ones that make you choose... do I really want that mushroom?
- Some tricky jumps toward the end have been made less tricky.
- Jumps are less deadly, especially because they offer a choice. This level or that level.
- Lakitu now throws spinies and not those spiked balls. You can still kill Lakitu :-)

Playing Bowser's Road. Oh yeah it gets crazy after a while. Believe it or not, I beat Acrophobia once and I just did it again. The trick is flying over the wooden pillars :-) Everything becomes so much easier.

Anyway, those will be my next ones.
Arcophobia's the reason why there's a Blue Yoshi in the hub :(

(it used to autoscroll too)
The 524 is for 524 Stone Crabs
Arcophobia's the reason why there's a Blue Yoshi in the hub :(

(it used to autoscroll too)

I even tried it with Blue Yoshi, but if you manage to lose the yoshi or its shell at any given point, you're screwed.

Not to mention that Blue Yoshi is pretty hard to get, so I had to make frequent trips to my Wild Climb level to keep getting it, until I finally said f-this.
Autoscroll would probably be impossible.

I would think blue yoshi would be too slow to avoid bullet bills.

As for remixing that level, I really don't think there's much I can do.
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