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Dramatis Personæ
(In order of appearance)

Carmilla Argot
Guildmaster of the Argot Night. Carmilla follows devotedly in the footsteps of her late father, the previous guildmaster. She is a strong and independent woman, and fearing her potent spellcasting abilities would be most wise. Her most recent mission has been self-declared: investigate the radical Padrick Delaney.

Tristan Argot
Carmilla's lovestruck twin brother. After the twins' father died, he left control of the Argot Night to Carmilla and Tristan, saying in his will that "his children could outperform the elderly imbeciles (such as myself) with little effort." Indeed, Tristan is a top-notch investigator and wields a sharp mind. He left the Argot Night when he fell in love with Navine.

Navine Ludivina
An eccentric and persuasive woman. Navine appears somewhat childish in stature, but is a stern woman with a hidden tender side. Her intelligence is unmatched, which is what caused her to be temporarily hired by the Argot Night as an investigative aide. Navine is not much of one for work, however, and is paying for her departure with Tristan completely out of her family's noble treasury.

Padrick Delaney
A man who trusts God and all of His choices. Padrick is the leader of Salvation, a three-man squad Hellbent on ending the war caused by Salenar. He has gone so far as to spread word that he is the savior of Salenar, the one who will end this and all wars - using this, he exacts divine retribution on those he deems unworthy of their office.

Lun "Madame" Cho
A drifter from the far reaches of the continent. Lun (or "Madame," as she tries to get people to call her) travels from country to country, doing what looks interesting to get by. Currently she has found a friend in Padrick, and has offered her martial prowess to Salvation.

Padrick's (mostly) loyal sidekick, and his friend. An uncultured boy with an alarming knack for trickery and stealth. Martin cares not for surnames, often calling Lun "Lunch" instead of "Madame Cho." With these rough edges comes a rough heart, one that Martin claims to be "complete granite, with only a lil' crack for the good stuff."

Horace Salenar
The bardic prince - and heir apparent - of Salenar. A man who laughs in the face of death.

Jessica Claudia
Once a diviner in the employ of the Argot Night, Jessica has since retired. She wishes only to remain peaceful in her secluded cottage.