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A long time ago, when the word was still young, the lad was seperated into seven kingdoms. The Elders of Star Haven foresaw conflict between the kingdoms as the greediness of the people became aparent. These elders requested a meeting with the original rulers of each of the kingdoms. They became Sages, guardians of their respective lands, and were sent back to the world as representatives from Star Haven.

Now, the Sages are long gone but their spirits live on in Seven Monuments. Legend has it that the key to peace with the kingdoms lies in the power of the Sages.

Many have learned of the power that could be obtained by taking control of these objects, and therefore taking control of the Sages. Two unknown villains have been reported sneaking around recently...

-Badge System
-Random battle power-ups a la SMRPG
-Power Suit System (Class changing) with 9 different suits, each with each own special abilities
-Sage Power moves
-Hammer, Jumping, and many other field skills from the Mario series
-Funny dialogue in the ballpark of the M&L and Paper Mario series
-A mash up of all the Mario RPG's, in a sense
-Bowser as a playable character

Latest Blog

SMRPG: Seven Sages ~Extended Edition~ MOD

Penguin4478, a Seven Sages fan and member of the ICU Gigasoft Forum, has released the most complete version of his MOD and we'd like to share it with you. Penguin4478 put a lot of work into the project and has added a variety of content including new dungeons, equipment, and suits for players to use. In addition to that, he extensively rebalanced the characters.

You can find his YouTube Channel and videos of his work here: Penguin4478

You can download the MOD and other Mods here: SMRPGSS MODS
  • Completed
  • udivision
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 04/26/2010 05:55 PM
  • 09/12/2023 06:00 AM
  • 04/26/2010
  • 517890
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Oooh, I remember seeing clips of this game on Youtube. I need to check this out.
Dammit all! Why did it post three times...
I'm not sure what you're asking Ravenite
He's asking: How do you do this????!
We're trying to figure out what "this" is...
You'd think people would understand what we were trying to say...

Sigh... doesn't work for me. Boots up, shows the title screen, I click new adventure, I hear, "Mario! Luigi!" several times and then... crash. What gives?
You're lucky. I can't download it at all.
Try updating to the latest version if you haven't already done so. Some people say playing in windowed mode (Press F4) can help. If all else fails, redownload and reupdate the game.
Downloading this is a pain. I bet the number of people who played this doesn't match that 1000+ download number. It counts as a download when you click the link to get to your page then it's a mess from there. I would suggest making it easier because not everyone will be able to figure this out(as simple as it is). Very slow download speeds too, it took like 30 mins.

Anyways, I played up to the first boss. It's not a bad game. There are some interesting battle mechanics and it seemed well balanced. Random maxHP, sweet! There are some good ideas here. The maps were good, simple and easy to navigate with some hidden/secret areas and an overall large feel to them with elevation. The custom menu looked cool, as did the world map.

At the same time the way you tried to recreate the character actions and voice clips as the official games did was somewhat crude, as well as the graphics. They looked messy, not in how they are laid down but the actual tiles themselves. The dialogue seemed odd, kind of how it is in the official games(with blatant puns and over the top characters) but it just didn't work. It was a little low-brow, not as clever as Nintendo but almost there.

I would play this further it was more polished.
Somebody should really post a review for this game
That'd be nice...
It is over a year old, having been released August 2009.
I just started playing this a bit ago. Aside from a few spelling mistakes/typos, I really like it.
I just started playing this a bit ago. Aside from a few spelling mistakes/typos, I really like it.

I've fixed about 150 typos throughout the course of patching this game. I wish I was exaggerating, but that's probably a conservative estimate.
Nice. :) It took me over 10 hours to beat, not counting battles, so probably around 15-20 hours.
Oh, really? Awesome. I'm actually starting my second playthrough right now. It's been a while since my first, and I didn't even beat all of the secret bosses. (Yea, I realize how pathetic that is since I helped make the game.)

Is there anything specific you like/disliked about the game? Favorite scenes? Boss battles? Etc...

Sorry, it's just that I don't feel like C-Division and I have gotten much feedback from the wider RPG Maker audience despite Seven Sages having been released a year and a half ago.
Honestly it's one of the few RPG Maker games I have very little gripes with. Aside from the Challenge! system that can be difficult (that's not really a fault, though) I don't really have anything negative to say about the game. I was sad that Geno wasn't playable, but that's not a fault either. Overall a very enjoyable game.