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A long time ago, when the word was still young, the lad was seperated into seven kingdoms. The Elders of Star Haven foresaw conflict between the kingdoms as the greediness of the people became aparent. These elders requested a meeting with the original rulers of each of the kingdoms. They became Sages, guardians of their respective lands, and were sent back to the world as representatives from Star Haven.

Now, the Sages are long gone but their spirits live on in Seven Monuments. Legend has it that the key to peace with the kingdoms lies in the power of the Sages.

Many have learned of the power that could be obtained by taking control of these objects, and therefore taking control of the Sages. Two unknown villains have been reported sneaking around recently...

-Badge System
-Random battle power-ups a la SMRPG
-Power Suit System (Class changing) with 9 different suits, each with each own special abilities
-Sage Power moves
-Hammer, Jumping, and many other field skills from the Mario series
-Funny dialogue in the ballpark of the M&L and Paper Mario series
-A mash up of all the Mario RPG's, in a sense
-Bowser as a playable character

Latest Blog

SMRPG: Seven Sages ~Extended Edition~ MOD

Penguin4478, a Seven Sages fan and member of the ICU Gigasoft Forum, has released the most complete version of his MOD and we'd like to share it with you. Penguin4478 put a lot of work into the project and has added a variety of content including new dungeons, equipment, and suits for players to use. In addition to that, he extensively rebalanced the characters.

You can find his YouTube Channel and videos of his work here: Penguin4478

You can download the MOD and other Mods here: SMRPGSS MODS
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  • udivision
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 04/26/2010 05:55 PM
  • 09/12/2023 06:00 AM
  • 04/26/2010
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Hello. I have a problem with the game that I don't know if you have a solution to. I start up the game and it keeps flashing black for a frame or two every few split seconds. Have you seen anybody else having this problem?
I think that's a driver issue and it's related to RPG Maker games in general, not ours specifically. It only happens in full screen, right?

You may need to update your graphics drivers, or switch to windowed mode (F4).

Running in windowed mode worked! Thanks! Now I can enjoy your game! From what I've played, I will definitely play Starlite Worlds when I'm finished with Seven Sages
It bothers me that the Hammer Suit cannot use Hammer Throw if you aren't wielding a hammer--Fireballs and Jumps work in any suit, so why can't the Hammer throw just use the suit's internal hammers it gets in all of the platformers?
I'm stuck in wuzzle woods. I have found a star piece but I can't figure out what to do next. Any ideas?
Awesome game people.

It was something...different. I really like the story and the plot twists.
Sometimes there were no possibility to return to Toad Town or to level a bit. If you are underleveled and have to fight against a boss, who is... overpowered. It was really frustrating.

But all in all a very awesome game and I enjoyed it. Keep it up guys.
Can't download it , it's been removed.
i got pretty far in this game, got all 7 sages and everything, but at some point the game crashed and deleted my save file along with it. I didnt even know rpgmaker can do that, but now...
how i can win the surfing minigame? even if i jump at the correct time, i crash with the obstacles

i'm refering tho the surf minigame of the pipes
Where is the Download to this game? I Cannot find it.
I went to their website and its no longer there.
Where is the Download to this game? I Cannot find it.
I went to their website and its no longer there.


The Site's download Links default to german for me, if they do for you too, seek the word "Vollversion" (Full Release). The Download Links are, from the top of the page, visible in the bottom right.

Edit: Seems to be a Site of German Origin, regardless, the release is in english as indicated by the british flag next to the download link.

Also, as a Bonus, Super Mario RPG: the Starlit World that was also created by the same peeps and was featured on their website at one time (supposedly):