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These are external sites that posted their own reviews or comments on Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer.

Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer Review
by Zhou Xuanming - The Independente Games Review
"I've never played a low res game that has gotten me this disturbed before. Dungeoneer is both a clever puzzle game and a psychological thriller paying homage to torture porn like Saw and Hostel that should be on everyone's must-play list for this summer."

Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
by Calunio - Nicoisas
This is my own blog, and instead of talking about the game itself, I talk about my personal experience behind the process of making it (in Portuguese).

Zona indie: Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
by zzzerotime - Nivel Oculto
"Imaginaros si alguien hiciera un juego con la misma premisa central que Hostel. El juego trata de la vida de Verge, un dungeoneer que ya no es capaz de hacer videos decentes y el amor de su vida pasa totalmente de él y de su mundana existencia."

Tortuous Love
by Kaushik Narasimhan - Kaushik's Web
"I have always been a morbid person, though less frequent in my disposition. There is something that attracts people to the macabre, as much as it repulses others. (...) Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer aims to fill this gaping void I might have had while playing and wanting some more tortuous action."

A Scarily Well-Written Look Into The Human Mind
by Mark Goodall - EDGE Magazine
"Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer is probably the most contentious game I have ever seen developed using RPGMaker and I don’t think it will be surpassed any time soon."
This review was written by our very own Fallen-Griever, and it can also be found here.

Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer (Review)
by Jordan Rivas - Jordan Rivas BLOG
"This is one of the most shocking, disturbing, and emotionally powerful games I’ve ever reviewed. A well written macabre tale, with a novel gameplay concept."

Interview w/Beautiful Escape Developer
by Jordan Rivas - Jordan Rivas BLOG
"I’ve always been fascinated with the creative process (both in myself, and others), so I was excited to be able to hear some of Nicolau’s thoughts on the process of making this unique game. It’s a great interview, and I highly recommend you read through all of it."

Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer. Come home with me
by erigity - Gamin.ru
"Я и сам сначала подумал, что играть дальше в это не буду. Однако, любопытство взяло верх, и должен сказать, итог стараний разработчика(ов) не разочаровал. Игра затягивает."

RRR Official Review: Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
by X-M-O - RPG RPG Revolution
"I would highly recommend this game to anyone that likes anything ranging from sadistic to violent to psychotic. It's thrilling in those cases, and of course you'll love the sick romance too."

1183 on Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
by Harbour Master - Electron Dance
"When I first saw the Abu Ghraib title screen, I thought it was misleading because the game told me nothing about the corruptibility of ordinary people with power over others. But perhaps I was wrong. Maybe it's talking about me, sitting at my keyboard torturing virtual people through a pixel lens."

Considering the Politics of Sociopathy in 'Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer'
by Kris Ligman - PopMatters
"If there is one truly unsettling element to this game, it isn't the torture sequences, but the dating sim parts that precede them.."

On Gender Ambiguity in a Binary Paradigm
by Kris Ligman - PopMatters
"I had free reign to corner and manipulate any man or woman that Verge had compiled a dossier on, but I'd only ever succeeded in capturing men. What could the reason for this be? And did my record of victims shape who Daily was for me?"

Player Guilt Revisited in 'Beautiful Escape'
by Kris Ligman - PopMatters
"I separated myself from the action, but afterward I found what I did completely repugnant. I regret allowing the game to acculturate me into treating rape as the equivalent of any other action that I can take in a game."

Wot I Think: Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
by Kieron Gillen - Rock, Paper, Shotgun
"It’s incredibly disturbing. It’s one of the more disturbing games I’ve played. Not out of sheer revulsion and horror – which is all too easy – but the sort of disturbing which one can defend and recommend."

Comments on a Game About Serial Killing
by Amanda Lange - Second Truth Blog
"During the Supreme Court's statement about the deprivation of video games in general, they describe the hypothetical worst game imaginable. (...) I'm actually relieved we finally got over that theoretical hump. Grand Theft Auto was never this game, but this game now, in fact, exists. "

Freeloadable: the best serial killer game the Daily Mail missed
by Edwin Evans-Thirlwell - VideoGames Daily
"Needless to say, and in spite of those low-res, animation-deprived RPG Maker assets, the process is rather disturbing. Repellent, even. But it’s never repellent for the sake of repelling merely. Held together by scraps of terse, heavily ironic prose, Beautiful Escape is both a barebones account and a critique of psychopathy, one that invokes demons in order to master them."

Played and Thought: Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
by Marco Attard - From 1984 til Forever blog
"It’s a pretty disturbing world, in other words. Of overtly emotional serial killers in a world of seemingly eternal darkness. "

Rapey computer game of the week
by Quintin Smith - Viceland Games
"I have this routine I like to do whenever parents or politicians or some other type of zealot decries a video game as perverted. I like to take off all my clothes, smear myself in lubricant and sit down to play something that’s actually perverted. Something like Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer (...)"

Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
by Veterini - Le Blog le + Emo du Monde
"Alors tout cela est certes très émo, mais est quand même assez bizarre, Qui choisit-on de torturer? Par quel moyen allons-nous torturer la ou le pauvre type? C’est le genre de question que l’on a assez peu l’occasion de se poser."

Dungeon Dev Story
by Pippin Barr - inininoutoutout
"There’s a very real sense (and it’s increased by the game having been made in a “game making” tool called RPG Maker) in which you could “reskin” Dungeoneer in all sorts of ways while completely retaining the entire underlying mechanics. A lion taming game, say, or a game about the revolution in Egypt."

Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
by SerpentDrake - Progam
"Шаг из стана привычных по-голливудски вылизанных историй и моралей-труизмов в темную гущу коллекторов человеческого разума, где правит эгоизм и такое естественное при всем его безобразии желание доминировать над всем, на что падает взгляд."

Design Diversions: Dialogue - Recipe for Sociopathy
by Andrew Vanden Bossche - Gamasutra
"It begs the questions of whether or not games like Dragon Age Origins or Persona 3 just as preverse as Beautiful Escape. Do these games actually force players to act like sociopaths, even if it's clear that neither the players nor designers want that?"

Indiegram 18+ - Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
by Greg "Zaitsev" Bonter - gram.pl
"Osoby niepełnoletnie powinny jednak zrezygnować z tej "zabawy" - to moim zdaniem po prostu zbyt ciężki materiał."

Experiencing Horror
by Andy Moore - Andy Moore Blog
"Not only did this game make me feel bad, it made me act bad too, of my own free will – and uncovered that dark disturbing core that is buried within each of us (some more buried than others)."

Jogo Independente: Beautiful Escape - Dungeoneer
by Beto the Dude - O Homem do Bolinho
"Beatiful Escape: Dungeoneer é um jogo envolvente, perturbador e profundo. O principal problema é que ele agrada mais a quem quer se focar na história e na atmosfera dos cenários do que no jogo em si, sinceramente eu achei a jogabilidade muito fácil (...)"

W co się (nie) bawić: Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer
by louvette - Altergranie
"Nie jest to przy tym zło komiksowe, fascynujące swym urokiem – a przez to oswojone – z jakim zwykle mamy do czynienia w grach, lecz zło przyziemne, przerażające swą bezsensownością, za którym stoją ludzie z krwi i kości, a nie przebrane za ludzi potwory."

Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer - Nicolau
by Laureano Junior - Dentritos
"Uma experiência deveras angustiantemente interessante. (...) com seu final catastrófico e esse paradoxo que falei antes, tive um medo real absurdo de abrir um buraco negro no meu quarto e ser consumido pelo mesmo."

Review: Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer (PC)
by Conrad Hughes - No Ratings
"Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer is about as Indie Cool as they come."

Review: Beautiful Escape - Dungeoneer (Nicolau Chaud)
by Cassandra Khaw - IndieGames
"Nonetheless, that wasn't what made me stop playing after the first hour. It was the fact that Beautiful Escape made my skin crawl. I had known that it would be an intriguing find after learning about it at the 'Bad Bitches' exhibit but I had not expected something of this caliber."

Pantalla || Ventana: Beautiful Escape (Dungeon Creeper)
by Nacho Esains - Tetabesters
"(...) Dungeoneer es una provocación fallida... el verdadero horror te agarra por sorpresa, te obliga a mirar y a reflejarte en él. Dungeoneer es como un mago que te explica los trucos antes de bajar las luces y empezar su acto."

Beautiful Escape is Beautifully Disturbing
by Nick Burgener - The Nocturnal Rambler
"And that's where Beautiful Escape's message really starts to shine; it's easy to give up our principles when social acceptance is on the line."

Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer – láska mezi kapkami krve
by Ladislav Loukota - Plné hry
"S některými soudy nemá cenu otálet. Tak tedy - Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer je nejlepší příběhově orientovaná nezávislá hra za posledních 18 měsíců (...) Proti zhusta netradičnímu a emocemi narvanému Beautiful Escape nemáte šanci."

Transcending the Toolset
by Alex - Games That Exist
"I’m writing about this thing, months after I played it, and I still don’t really know how I feel about it. I can think of other games that have tried to do something similar, but I can’t think of any that have succeeded. And Dungeoneer does succeed, in its own weird way."