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You are Pyro, an Spiritian God. After fighting Oceano, both of you are sealed away. You are sealed in a butterfly. Being a God and all, you can summon spirits to do your dirty work, and kill Oceano. It won't be that easy though. Oceano has hired slaves, and you will need to destroy them if you want to move on.

You control Pyro. Different levels have different amounts of enemy slaves, and you must summon spirits to destroy them. Spirits and Slaves are attracted to your butterfly. To call a spirit towards you, you must press the spirits key (A, S or D). Destroy all the spirits to continue. That's the basics tongue.gif
There are hexes and special spirits will stop you smile.gif
You are in the world of the Spiritan, an ancient race, worshipping volcanoes, and oceans.
In the first 'book', you must reach the volcano. Not as easy as it seems though. There are Ocean Slaves and Hexes stopping you, and you will need all the items you can get.


* Spirit Summoning
* Puzzles
* Buy new levels
* Buy new spirits (IN NEXT ACT)
* Buy Items
* New enemies

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Darken's only 'skill' in TF2.
Yami. HAI.
Ok, you really ARE stalking me...o.O
Anyways, nice to know this made it's way here. ^.^
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