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My third RPG made (but second official released) with the rpgmaker program. It is a fairly decent one and involves no real exploration. Its more about fighting and building strategies with the items available to you to bring down each robot master in the most efficient way possible. Its a bit repetative, but it works and for those liking that style of gameplay will enjoy this game.
The main story and ultimate goal is Lan, with his Net Navi: Mega Man have entered a tournament to decide who is the best Navi battler. You will compete in tournaments and later challenges to become the best battler in the league and ultimately find out who the sponser of the tournament is! The gameplay is simple, but the more tourneys you play, the more options open up to you and the more strategic the game will become! The game is as deep as you want to get into it. Its not for everyone, but for those who like it, I hope it fits your niche of game style.

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Megaman Tournament Re-released and Rebalanced!

QUICK EDIT NOTE: For those who just downloaded this a few days ago, redownload again. I made a mistake in how the Mega Armor works with the four elemental soul suits. It did not give them the 3000+ hp it should have when equipped. This is now fixed. You don't have to restart your saved game or anything over this, just redownload, reinstall and continue your game as normal. Furthermore, I made the Wood Soul more useful, by level 99, you have 2000 HP more over any other soul suit. Also, the Shielded Armor didn't do what it was designed to at first: reduce the damage of Nuetral (non-elemental) based attacks. This has now been fixed and the Shielded Armor is actually useful now. QUICK EDIT NOTE 2: Besides rebalancing a few more enemy/skill stats, I also just added a nasty, little surprise to the Challenge 1 Set line-up for those who beat Tourney 7 already. Good luck! QUICK EDIT NOTE 3: It seems you could only summon Proto Man or Roll in the Endurance Test only once throughout all the rounds. I've since fixed this and you can summon them in each round as many times as you have their items.

I wasn't quite satisfied with the original game. The beginning tourneys weren't easy enough and the final tourneys weren't hard enough. That and you got yourself stuck in a rut using the same chips over and over again to win battles. So I modified and rebalanced the chip system so that each chip set has its own unique uses and status effects are far more helpful in inflicting Navis with than before. (they are also more deadly to you too!) Changes in the new version:

-Updated chip sets to include new effects such as inflicting status or remove beneficial status from opponents.
-Rebalanced the attribute and condition system to make them more effective in your strategy consideration.
-Tailored the special 8th tourney after the game was over to be harder and more rewarding.
-Added two more challenges to the challenge menu after you beat the game once.
-Added an endurance mode which pits you against every Navi in the game, 7 at a time.
-Added Navis from MMBN 4, 5, and 6, which weren't featured previously.
-Added new armors such as the Hack Armor, Power Armor, Torrent Armor and Mirror Armor. I also added a special boon to the Mega Armor of a 3000 HP boost whenever you are wearing it.
-Added two after-game items: Proto Sword and Roll Ring for purchase to summon an AI controlled Protoman or Roll to aid you in challenge battles or the endurance mode.
-Added more game discs for collection, up to a total of 13 to acquire!
-You now have access to the Four Soul armors prior to beating Bass now, which can further factor into your challenge/endurance strategies. Also made them more distinctive in their advantages.

So yes, I came back to this game with a vengeance and it should be far better than it ever was. A much better product overall and what it should have been in the first place. For those who enjoyed it previously, download it again and restart and enjoy it once more!
  • Completed
  • Darkflamewolf
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • 07/09/2010 01:23 PM
  • 04/18/2022 04:23 AM
  • 04/17/2011
  • 78923
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I remember playing this before but I couldn't remember where I got it. I actually enjoyed it for a bit :D
Oh man, I remember playing this way back when. I recall having a blast with it too, despite not even liking the Battle Network games.
Thanks for the comments. I've tried my best to make it as improved and as good as possible, despite its repetitive nature. So hopefully people enjoy the strategic battle aspect of it and like the game. There are plenty of options for you to choose from to combat your foes, that's for sure. Also, the Mirror Mail at 5000 Zennys is AWESOME. But do note that it isn't good for every battle. It basically sucks against elemental Navis throwing their attacks back at them, healing them! Remember this.
I remember playing! =D

...I could never beat Bass. T_T
A new version of this game? MUST PLAY! :D
Well, with the new options of the four elemental soul suits, and the ability to summon Proto Man/Roll to battle with you. I think you have more options in taking down Bass. Besides, I'm working on a video walkthrough of the game (see the tab) and I'm almost to the Bass battle as it is. So you'll see my strategy soon enough. Glad people are enjoying this game. It isn't much, but it is fun. I think so anyway.
Mini-review (tried submitting an official review, but guess I don't have the permission to do so yet)

Music (n/a) i don't listen to music in games, so i don't rate it.

Background/ stages/ screens. Pretty basic, but nothing really lacking, but nothing real exciting or new either. 4.5/5

Navis: the array of navis were pretty impressive, as were their powers and effects. The only slight problem I had was that some weapons/ abilities that hurt the specific navi didn't have anything to do with it. 4.5/5

Weapons/ chips/ armor: There was a good selection of weapons, chips, and armor was excellent. However, it would have been nice to be able to do *all* of the navi's attacks. Select the chip, and another menu pops up that asks which attack you want 4.5/5

Difficulty: Bell curved. It took me a few tries to learn how the battle system worked before I actually won a battle, but once I did, it became (relatively) easy. The Mirror armor (basically) breaks the game tho. There's nothing that can get through it, unless you attack navis with firewall themselves, you can't get damaged. It'd be neat to have something that broke the Mirror status. 3.5/5

Replayability: because the battles got easier and easier, and the suits only seem to give you elemental resistance, and nothing else 3.5/5

Misc. I think you missed out on an opportunity to give background statuses. For instance in collectible card games, you have a "world" card something that boosts your opponents strengths, while having the possibility of either damaging or hindering the opponent's. For instance, if you were fighting a navi which had cold powers, the stage would constantly do damage to Megaman or hinder him in some other way unless he had the proper armor or weapon (or both) equipped. After each battle, you'd get the ability to use it against future opponents. 3.5/5

Overall 3.75 - 4.0/ 5

I agree, darkflamewolf did do a most excellent job, otherwise I wouldn't've given him such a high score, it's just that some things were lacking, which is why I couldn't give him a higher score overall. Heck, even in there (though not listed directly) are "extras" -- the disks (which I was able to obtain all 13 of). He may yet decide to change things up a bit and address some of those issues. I hope he does!
Well for one, the armors do more than just give elemental resistances.
Fire Soul has nearly double the attack power of any other element suit.
Aqua Soul has double the Memory usage to utilize skills/attacks.
Elec Soul has nearly double the agility stat of any other element suit.
Wood Soul has double the defense and adds an additional 2000 hp at level 99.

So there are additional bonuses to each soul besides elemental strengths/weaknesses.
AHHH I totally remember this when it was on GW, you must have made a topic about it! I definitely remember the old title screen!
This game utilizes the turn based system in a good way, where you use your brains instead of leveling up and bash the enemy. I love the BN series and this was greatly similar to the originals. Good job! I love it!
Thanks. Glad this game appealed to you. The aftergame challenges truly test your skill at utilizing the system to claim victory.
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awesome! tho i would of loved it even more if it was based of the X series rather then the original or network
dam copy right is probably why people dont make rpg games based of cool games/anime :(
medaka box,madoka magica,soul eater ect could make for some interesting games

tried it for 20 minutes its pretty dam awesome for fans of the network series as a stand alone id say people would probably not enjoy it as much w/o knowing the character backrounds and plot ect

id say atm the only thing i really dislike is the text that is used
its a bit hard and some words even impossible to read

other then that its a pretty good game i love the tournament concept
can you lord DarkWolf contact me?
me email: maycon.gts@hotmail.com
Plz, i waant know what you use for this project and do upgrades or be continued.
i love this game.
Um...I used rm2k3? No upgrade or updates after the previous one. I already made a huge update a few years back giving another tournament and two more challenges as well as another hidden boss plus restating the enemies across the board. I'd say this is the definitive version at this point.
Okay, I've been playing this game, unlocking all the skills, and I've discovered a typo on one.

Skill - Metal Blade

Description: An attack acquired from the Navi: Turboman.

The description should say "Metalman". Just had to point that out.

Edit: Loving the game, in all honest. It's the kind of Megaman game I've wanted.
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