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Hack and slash baby!

  • shixx
  • 01/26/2008 08:28 PM

Welcome to a world that is about to end...
You play as a character named Daron, a man who has to live with the scarring memory of losing the one he loved more than life, a man who never gives up no matter the risk, and a man who will stop at nothing to make a difference on everyone. Watch the hills burn, the cities fall, and the lives fade away as Daron travels the land in desperate search of answers and a second chance.

The story some what Resembles Resident Evil except Demons instead of Zombies..
At times the story can be predictable but over all it's a Solid Story. Not really anything new.
but it's not full of Plot holes either.
Music Fits the moment pretty much all the time. But it would be nice to have variety most the music has the same feel to it. Other then that I love the Music, Well done!
Most the Graphics are RTP which I have little respect for games that use. but I have to hand it to this Game, it uses the RTP wisely. except for some are over used. Other then that, nothing to complain about.
The Game play is great. From the Puzzles to the Battle system to getting villagers to like you.
Battle system
Is daring most games don't attempt this kind of battle system due to being hard to control. But after the first 30-60 min you get pretty good at it and grow to like it, maybe love it. it Did take me awhile longer to get used to the magic. And I didn't like the fact you had to equip Spells. The level up system is pretty cool and unique. Only thing I would change is the spell system.
Most the puzzles were challenging, just challenging enough to be fun. The only thing to complain about is I'd like more Puzzles.

My thoughts and score-
Thoughts- In a nut shell, an awesome Battle system idea fused with a Decent story.
Overall score- The hack and slash of RPG Maker! 3/5