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Geass, the power bestowed upon humanity, it is a curse and a blessing. The Geass Order, a secretive society of researchers, study and harvest this power . . . bending history with its allure. Within the ranks of The Geass Order, there are many interesting men and women. One particular individual is Incognito, a alias as with other Order members; he held the title of Head of the Geass User Producing Facility. Incognito was a unrivaled scientific genius with a deep admiration for The Order's current leader, C.C. C.C however gave little notice to Incognito's many achievements and successes, and thus driving him to have a obsession of pleasing her. It was that obsession that led him to go beyond that of human rights and break the law of the Order. When it became time for his work to pay off, all that were present were shocked to see his creation- a human fused with the origin of Geass's power in its most pure state. These humanoid caricatures, deemed abominations of everything that is humane were executed and Incognito, after consideration was put in for his achievements, was banished, instead of execution like those under his direct command by the one person he had ever tried to impress, C.C.

However, rather than face execution, a researcher named Jiro and his love fled the Order and went into hiding. For seven years, they constantly feared that the might of the Order would come down on them, however even in such dark times their love for each other conquered that fear. Jiro's beloved gave birth to a newborn baby, however it was by cruel fate that the Order's top executioner squads surrounded their hideout. The executioners, told to kill all potential witnesses did just so until Jiro, gave himself up so that his lover and offspring could escape into the current war zone of Japan and the Britannian Army. The execution squad, by orders, did not follow them and the widow and her child escaped into the remains of Japan, days before their surrender.

After the 17th Prince of Britannia, Lelouch vi Britannia's mother Marianne vi Britannia was assassinated at her home, which caused his sister Nunnally vi Britannia to be both crippled and blind, confronted his father 98th Emperor of Britannia, Charles zi Britannia on his apparent ignorance of her death he and his sister were exiled to Japan as political prisoners prior to the invasion of Japan.

On a global scale, those events are minute and unimportant. The Holy Empire of Britannia, a empire in control of over 1/3 of the world and expanding, declares war on Japan in hopes of taking control of its massive sakuradite deposits in Mount Fuji. Sakuradite was used to enhance the empire's newest weapons, humanoid war machines, Knightmare Frames. These new generation weapon easily dominated Japan's defenses, leading to the surrender of the Japanese in one month. Japan was stripped of it's status as a nation, the citizens lost all of their rights and the nation was renamed Area 11.

The once prideful and respected nation of Japan, now Area 11, still fights back their oppressors. Throughout Japan there are pockets of resistant forces trying to take back Japan, all but futile efforts. Area 11 is in need of a miracle . . .

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I will releasing a demo of the tactical battle system being used in game.


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is it too late for ironhide facepalm
Please don't break the tables, table breaker.
Table breakers break too many tables.
For people who font have rpgmakervx installed, you will need this plugin to play. Just copy the plugin into the games extract folder.

Wario's-a number one!
I like this game but it runs too slowly on my computer.Other games I downloaded from this site are running fine & can you tell me what I have to do after blair attend the class where I have to go now?
Goto student council. Sorry I wasn't really adament on instructions as far as where to go, will fix in next patch. Say did anyone unlock the locked knightmare?
Bug report from a guy I know on IRC who played this:

Tue Aug 3 | 10:08 pm | <@Imban> I like how Ashford Academy has like
Tue Aug 3 | 10:08 pm | <@Imban> All of 8 dorm rooms and one classroom.
Tue Aug 3 | 10:12 pm | <@Imban> Then the game breaks down and become un-continuable.
Tue Aug 3 | 10:13 pm | <@Kaiterra> This is the time for you to log in and report a bug
Tue Aug 3 | 10:13 pm | <@Imban> But I don't have an account so you'll do it for me.
Tue Aug 3 | 10:13 pm | <@Imban> Goto student council. Sorry I wasn't really adament on instructions as far as where to go, will fix in next patch. <- So y'know this?
Tue Aug 3 | 10:14 pm | <@Imban> Not actually possible! So the game stops there.
Is this new material? or a retelling of the anime's storyline?
Bug report from a guy I know on IRC who played this:

Tue Aug 3 | 10:14 pm | <@Imban> Not actually possible!

How is a patch not actually possible? I've tried it and it work perfectly.

And to sunshinesan's question: Yes and No. The main story will follow the show as closely as possible, but with a added storyline involving the player created player(?) in which the current storyline is intertwined in.
Also the reason the game might lag at times is because of time system in the game. I would remove it, but is integrated into the game and would certanly lead to big issues. To solve this set the process "Game.exe" to High or above normal. I will look into fixing it though.

I don't know what you laughing at
A cool game...Pictures really dominate! I dunno what else to say about it.
So far it shows the 1st part of the anime season until the main character infiltrate lelouch's school. Oh, cool Dance Dance revolution mini game.
@kazuki: I like how you quoted it.
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