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How to start out Guide

I've been told it's not exactly easy to start my game out, so I wanted to post a little tutorial since there is none in the game, see if I can't help anyone out.

There is a concept of ground enemies and flying enemies. Flying enemies can only be attacked with Lorcan's bow and arrow at first. Rain learns an ability to strike anyone (which would include flying) but not until leaving the forest.

With regards to combat, there is no such thing as a standard turn. Each command uses a differing amount of the yellow ATB bar. This is called the Delay. A character gets their turn when they reach 100 ATB, so using an ability with a 40 Delay will reduce the bar to 60. When they reach 100, they may act again. Don't be afraid to use abilities with short Delays even though they seem weak--this is how they are balanced.

Use items sparingly and probably only during boss fights. Save points restore all your HP and MP so use those as healing points while adventuring around. Also clicking on the character (where the cursor defaults) during their turn will initiate a Recover command which restores 1 HP and 1 MP (later on it's 2 and then 3). Using Recover can really turn the tide when you just need a few more HP or MP and don't want to use an item.

Rain's Prevent ability is her makeshift healing spell. It doesn't heal directly, but prevents damage from the next attack, in effect healing that target by the amount of damage it prevented. As noted above, Prevent has a very short Delay so don't be afraid to use it constantly. It also costs 0 MP, so go wild.

Finally, for boss fights, it's almost mandatory to have Rain cast Protect. It reduces damage to the party member, and at the beginning of the game, it prevents anywhere from 1/3 to all of the incoming damage as numbers are very low in this game. Using Lorcan's Chill Edge to slow the boss and/or his minions is a good idea as well, though you may not have the MP to do it.

If you ever have questions or concerns, please let me know :) Thanks!


Demo 1 now available

Just a quick update that the first demo is ready to try. Let me know want you think and I suggest you read the documentation provided with the download.

Here is the documentation:

This is the first beta test. There are some known issues with it as follows:
· Tooltips vary widely with font and style.
· Each time the cursor moves over an accessory box in the menu, it stops. This was a technical issue that I'm sure could be done a better way, but it's an old project :\
· Some of the dialog boxes may be inconsistent. I tried to fix them all, but a few might have slipped in.
· There may be an odd message each time you open a chest, like "Went to events!" This is a technical notice, and will be removed.

There is no sort of tutorial at all, and the combat is mostly self explanatory except for a few head scratchers.

· There are ground and there are flying enemies. You cannot attack a flying enemy with earth magic or a sword. You can only use Lorcan's bow abilities at first. Rain will learn an attack, Combustion, that can hit anyone, and you gain a third party member who can smite flying enemies. Please keep this in mind so you aren't confused when some abilities won't work.

· Touching a save point restores your HP/MP to full! This is very important as it's not specified anywhere and some areas are made much easier knowing this.

· Enemies never respawn so there are quite a few walking around. Feel free to skip a few if you don't want to fight. They're there as extras because there is no other way to build up. Keep an eye out for paths that trail off-screen. It's probably a hidden cache full of additional monsters and items.

· Items are a bit sparse (sorry about that) so take caution when using them (espeically phoenix downs and mana draughts.) There is no working store so...

· Thank you for trying, and please leave feedback! As an aside, the game picks up significantly after you leave the forest. Before that, the game is a little simple with not too many abilities to use.
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