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In the old Island of Azulea, the natives were pushed away from the land they once held. The ones who conquered the land have settled and created a new civilization on the Island. Now that the King is near death, there are 2 groups that are fighting for the throne.

You can change your class once you beat the 1st boss. Before then, you can choose which starting class you want your characters to be, out of 6 of them (Fighter, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Thief, Monk). You gain ABP after a battle, so once you get enough ABP, the character can learn an ability from their class. There are 40 quests in the game to take.

Latest Blog

Paradise Blue's 10th Anniversary!

I missed the actual date, but it still has been 10 years since I released Paradise Blue!

Paradise Blue was an interesting project to work on, and possibly the biggest one I've had so far! I've thankful for all the nice reviews and comments and people who enjoyed the game.

This was a passion project made from back when I was still in university, and really enjoyed working on an old school style project. I was torn between making Azulea and this, and Paradise Blue ended up going from a small side project to the main project.

The game was initially based around FF1s Class selection system for 4 characters. Quickly, FF5s class based system was added. A fair amount of the project was making the battle system and class system work together, and a number of classes got added or removed depending on how I felt about it. Dragoon was a class I would have wanted, but I felt I didn't have enough to go with skill wise on that and the Jump command was such a pain to code that i removed it. If you go back a few blog posts in Paradise Blue, you'll see me talk about the things that I didn't get to add, and 2 "Final Classes" (Angel Knight and Phoenix Knight) were those 2. Having a party of only those 2 at the end felt less interesting to me than having them pick their own 4 classes, it's why I wasn't a fan of FF3's Ninja/Sage classes either.

Graphically, it started out directly from FF1 but I strayed from that when I saw MSX Final Fantasys graphics and started shading the classes a bit. Soon I stopped caring about color restraints and then decided to just go all out and revamp them in my style. As far as enemy designs, you can see from the start of the game to the end of the game how different the designs are. At first, it was just my own designs but I got TFT to help design a bunch of monsters and they ended up being a whole lot more creative and interesting so I based my later enemy sprites off of those.

Team member wise, I asked people if they wanted to be NPCs, and had some do different effects if you hire them. I also had Dajhail and Kaede make a few songs for me as well which I liked a lot! The song playing when you get the Ancangers with Amelia / Neil is Dajs song, and the main battle theme is Kaedes. I wanted to really have the Island sort of influence appear throughout the game.

There is the definitely inspiration/influence from Final Fantasy 1 and 5, but I also was a big Might and Magic VI fan and took ideas from it such as the hiring NPCs for an effect, killing enemies that don't respawn (they do in MM6, but only by certain triggers or after a long enough passing of time), sidequests and all. It was sort of like a mix of various games I liked, and I wish my writing back then was interesting enough to hold up.

I've had various ideas of different Paradise Blue remakes I've wanted to do. I still have it on my to do list, but I've been busy with other projects that it's actually lower priority. My friend Jihaus (who worked on Ruin Frontier 0) did class sketches for me so I made sprites for... most of them? I need to check again but here's a few!

My thoughts were: Either I could make Paradise Blue and change up stuff in the 2k3 version and then make an updated version or a sequel in VX Ace or MV. Paradise Blue is not a small game and I wouldn't want to keep it 100% the same so it would take a while to make. I figured I could focus on Cast Ashore first, then Fragments of Mind and then Paradise Blue, but it is definitely something I still want to make! I'm sorry I haven't been able to release a new Paradise Blue, but game making is still important to me and I do want to create new games and learn more!

Here, have an Amelia artwork!
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  • 10/13/2007 10:33 PM
  • 05/17/2020 02:52 AM
  • 07/29/2009
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9.8 megs? I cannot believe it. Well done Ocean.
Resident foodmonster
Thank you! Yeah, I was hoping to keep the file size down. Hope you all enjoy it!
member of the bull moose party
Fucccck yeah
Um, how do you get trigger the "Whose responsible for the fire?" quest? It's the only one I can't find. >.<

Okay ignore that. Figured out what was going on. ^.^

Great game, Oceans! Great game indeed! I do so love my sun sword + x3 hit and stat-up spell. ^.^
*click to edit*
I died on the Griffon and lost half an hour of progress because I forgot to save.

Playing this so far (up until the first quest you receive to clear out the park and retrieve the man's book) has been a pleasure.

Great work.
Resident foodmonster
Triple Cut is fuuuuun. If you can find the Prism Sword, then it gets even better. :3

Also, sorry about the loss of progress DE. I guess that's a downfall of save anywhere. Personally I'm a save nut and I'll save constantly. There is a 100% escape rate so if you feel like you're being beaten badly, just run. It's not gonna do a "YOU CAN'T RUN NOW SUFFER THE ENEMY ATTACKS" type of thing.

I'm glad you guys like it so far though!
This is fun. =)

Other than the slow ATB, I got a little lost on side quests. The towns are really big and I always forget which NPC was responsible for the quests I just finished. So I just talk to everyone. It's kind of a pain.

Also, all archers is the best. I have a feeling they will lead me to an unstoppable party.

Awesome job finishing this! I know you've been chugging away for a while now. I will have to give it a whirl as soon as I can.
Resident foodmonster
Yeah, unfortunately I didn't have room in the Quest log for telling where the quest givers are. It'd be a huge pain in RM2k3 to make a quest log like I wanted anyway.

Archers are pretty good, I like them. I knew they were strong and I did nerf them just a little (Their strongest weapon used to be about the same strength as the 2nd strongest sword, which wasn't multi-target), but since you get the TripleCut ability from them, I didn't want to have you "forced" to use a weak class just to learn that ability.

I would still learn the mages abilities such as White Magic as those have useful skills too.
Fantastic game you have here! The graphics are wonderfully done, the music and sound effects are perfect in almost every instance, and the systems you have implemented (such as hiring and the class system) are great. However, the dialogue for much of the characters seems a little... forced, almost. Same goes for the NPCs in the game. However, that is only a small gripe with an overall beautiful game that is definitely one of the best I've played to date. Well done!
Resident foodmonster
Thank you! I'm no writer, which is why I'm thinking of having someone help me with the writing for my next project. That'll be much later in the future though, I need to finish pixel projects first!
I could not have completed this game without the aid of the 'Slash' command. It is a boss killer. ^.^
Oi! So what WILL your next project be? Something similar? Or something far, far~ different?
Resident foodmonster
Azure Ocean, it'll be sort of like a remake of Island Sky.

There is some info there, but basically it's a sort of simple tactical RPG in RMVX.
Man I followed some of you're old stuff and it's good to see that you're still with us with a full RPG at that!
Wow I hate not being able to edit comments
Oi, oi. I see. Well if you ever need help doing the story to a project similar to Paradise Blue, I'd be glad to help. =)