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In the old Island of Azulea, the natives were pushed away from the land they once held. The ones who conquered the land have settled and created a new civilization on the Island. Now that the King is near death, there are 2 groups that are fighting for the throne.

You can change your class once you beat the 1st boss. Before then, you can choose which starting class you want your characters to be, out of 6 of them (Fighter, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage, Thief, Monk). You gain ABP after a battle, so once you get enough ABP, the character can learn an ability from their class. There are 40 quests in the game to take.

Latest Blog

Warrior / Lancer class

I have occasional updates on my tumblr on what I'm working on. I don't like to post EVERYTHING I do but I do want to get to working on a longer game this time!

If you're wondering... it's Paradise Blue, on RMVX Ace, that I'm working on now!
  • Completed
  • Ocean
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 10/13/2007 10:33 PM
  • 01/11/2019 07:10 PM
  • 07/29/2009
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I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Loving the 8bit style.
Yes indeed, I lve the old school graphics.
Indeed, indeed! I want this to be finished! Now!!!


Alright...maybe not NOW...but soon. =)

Great job with this again, Ocean.
What do you do after you get to the city after killing the archer boss? I can't seem to get inside the castle.
Resident foodmonster
You can't, that's pretty much where the demo ends. At that time, the castle wasn't even mapped, so after killing the archer boss there isn't all that much left to do if you did everything in the first town.
Enjoyed the demo your battles are very well balanced and fun! The graphics style is appealing yet retro. I'll be looking forwards to the full version for sure.
Well, form the things I've seen around various forum, I know that you're still working on this...and I'm glad! It's one of the best RPG maker games I've played. Up there on the Top 10. But...maybe I've only played 10 games? Nah. Tough I can't recalling playing all too much. =\ I'm a horrible person. =X

Anywhoo, I hope that this soon sees completion. The best of luck to you, ocean! I ope everything works out. And , again, thanks for the Boss spirte/image! Can't thank you enough for it!
Resident foodmonster
That is no problem at all.

Ah yes, work still gets done on this game, but I've been busy with schoolwork and some small paid projects so I haven't worked as much as I'd like on it. I've got some hopefully good ideas on this, so you could check it out here!
Just started playing it and it's pretty good. Before the final release, you may want to make the ABP screen a little more readable because it's a little odd looking to me. It's up to you in the end though. Hope you finish it!
Disregard my earlier comment about the ABP screen, I finally figured out how you have it set up.
Did you ever finish this?
Resident foodmonster
Thank you! I hope people find it fun to play.
Suddenly I have the overwhelming urge to scream like a fangirl. ^.^

I'm hitting the hold button on all my projects for a few days.
It's full...? It's finished...!? It's finally finished! HUA HA HA HA!!! Yes!

Good work, ocean! Gyah! I'm goin' on to download and play it right away! =B
only 90s kids will like this admin
Awesome! I've always had my eye on this project.
wow, a full game that actually looks decent, gonna give this a try.
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