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A new trilogy begins!

EL4 takes place during the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt (1070 B.C.E.). Ramesses XI, the pharaoh of Egypt, has died. With this fateful event, all of Egypt falls into political turmoil, and the High Priest of Amun (at Thebes) takes control of Egypt's economy, becoming more powerful than even the pharaoh.

As a young soldier, under the command of the High Priest (Herihor), you are sent out to complete a very important mission for the Northern territory. However, upon arrival at your destination, everything begins to spin out of control. It would seem that the High Priest is tampering with forces beyond anything you ever dreamed, and he has appointed you to spearhead this terrible campaign.

-Eden Legacy IV will feature a much more in-depth leveling system than the first three games, allowing players to customize every stat, skill, and combo for their entire party.
-From now on, EL games will have a much more involved plot with interesting characters and detailed locations.
-Explore the entire continent and journey once again to the lands of Eden.
-Summon powerful gods of another realm, including the legendary heroes from past EL games!
-Features first generation SNES graphics with detailed Egyptian tilesets!
-RM2K3 allows Eden Legacy to evolve and utilize its energy combat system with fast paced side view battles!
-Choose from a series of different endings as you control your party's fate!
-Of course, there will be sidequests.

Latest Blog

Next phase begins!

Just got the second chapter notes from amerk and things are looking up! I should be able to start things up again in the project by Sunday night, right after Surreality is rightly finished.

I have a crapload of edits to do for the prologue, so the implementation phase is gonna take a few weeks, but I can go ahead and launch straight into chapter 3 when I'm done too, so it'll be a busy couple months for this game.

The trilogy editions of game 1 and 2 will be out this month as well, so we're hoping that will build up some more anticipation for this entry in the coming months. I've got my work cut out for me with the third game's additions, but luckily, I have a plan set for it.

Reading through the new notes, I'm happy that amerk is working with me on this project. It's my first collaborative effort through and through, but it already has me looking forward to future ones with him on EL5&6. Perhaps that's looking a little too far ahead, but I do hope that we will begin the fifth game immediately after finishing this one.
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Holy shit! I still need to write up my review for the second game! A few problems i ran into but overall it was a pretty worthy successor. when should I expect the 3rd and fourth to be finished?
I'm a dog pirate
Wow! So is each game 3 hours or so?
Well the first game was anywhere from 7-13.
The second game is about 6-10.
Not sure how the third game will turn out.
I'm hoping the fourth will go up to around 15-20 hours. :)

I'm hoping to have the third done by xmas, but we'll see.
Yeah, this one looks great! Can't wait to check it out.
It will definitely be a nice change of pace. No more impossibly large world map for this one, it'll all take place around the Nile River and eventually Eden. It'll have a real story going for it though, so it will still be a very beefy addition.
I will play this one cause I don't like NES glad you made one with SNES.
Yeah a lot of people have felt that way, which is why I'm distancing this one from the previous three storywise to make it more accessible. Glad to hear new players will give it a chance :)
In response to sbester's blog, I'll also say that if we don't get the novellas completed prior to the trilogy package, we'll either create a separate download once they are completed or include them with the EL4 download.
Ch.2 of EL1's novel has been posted!
Episode 3 of EL1's novel posted! Just got my hands on the 6th ep today, and it's another long one!
Episode 4 posted! Happy New Year!
Episode 6 posted.

Episode 7 Posted 1/30/2011

Episode 8 Posted 2/10/2011
I will play this one cause I don't like NES glad you made one with SNES.

Very late, but blasphemy indeed... just kidding, to each their own. However, for me it's not necessarily the graphics but the concept most people have that if it's an NES style game then it must have a very basic plot, which is entirely not true. While the style of story may reflect basic story telling, oftentimes the plot is pretty good.
Sorry all, this has been placed on hiatus for the time being. I'm extremely busy with work, music, and family stuff right now and the last time I talked to amerk, he was very busy as well. We will revisit this in the future, promise!
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