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Age: 19
Origin: Spire
Gender: Male
Weapon: Doubles Gun Blade
Description: The young keeper of the tower. Lived alone for many years on this, he is gloomy, quiet, unemotional. Further character traits will be revealed as the game progresses.

Age: 14
Origin: Edem
Gender: Female
Weapon: Saint Cross Wand
Description: A little girl. One of the few living in the ruins Thalema glow. Nature cheerful, jovial. In complex situations, determination, calm and calculated manner.

Florina R.A.X.
Age: 20
Origin: Spire
Gender: Female
Weapon: Knucles
Description: Girl-cyborg. In love with Ann. After the release of Ann from Gravitorium goes looking for him. Calm and balanced, but in spite of the fact that it is a cyborg, it remains a real woman. Therefore, it might quietly to grab another woman's hair)))