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After blacking out during a fight on the battlefield, our hero wakes up in a prison cell.. with no memory of the events which took place. He doesn't even know his own name. As days and days go by.. finally on the 100th day of imprisonment, an opportunity presents itself.. an undercover officer disguised as a doctor provides our hero with proper soldier clothing, and plans a break out. But when all hell breaks lose.. the doctor is killed.. and our hero is left to escape by himself.


The game will feature NO battle scenes. Even though our character sports a gun, it's only used in "cut scenes".

Once free of the base camp, the game turns into an exploration game, where your free to explore two large (80 x 80 & 50 x 50) areas called the "Mainland", searching for exits.

The game mixes adventure, with an interactive film. Your main actions are walking, and talking with NPC's. There isn't a way to lose. So this isn't your typical game. It's more of a story-based adventure, with multiple endings.

Release Date:

November/December 2010

Feel free to comment. Also, I will not be releasing a demo. I'm using my time to develop the full game.

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How's production on this game going?
My mind is full of fuck.
I'm in the middle of some side project when I was bored called "Escape!"

Another prison escape game, though you actually have characters in your group.
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