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After the world was shattered, everything remained frozen, waiting. The world was waiting for a young hero to restore it to its past glory... but it didn't count on the hero being such a jerk.
Indeed, this is not a hero that everyone will want to journey with, they'll actually need reasons to do so.

You control this hero, who must search the land for Shards that have the power to restore entire continents into being. However, just as you're trying to rebuild the world, a great evil arises, that wants nothing more than to destroy it all. Are you up to the task?

Note: This game and all other Dragon Kingdoms games are not authorized for resale except under the videowizard2002 Steam username.

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Jul-07-15 Ready for Dragon Kingdoms: Shards of Creation DELUXE?

RPG Maker 2000 officially released today, which means this can finally get a legit release. It only took about eleven years.

What would be added in a Shards of Creation Deluxe?
-Better mapping
-More cool extras
-Side quests
-Bounties/Hunts/whatever you call them
-Extra content that didn't make it into the 2004 original version.
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  • VideoWizard
  • RPG Tsukuru 2000
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  • 10/30/2007 11:08 PM
  • 02/10/2024 02:51 PM
  • 12/20/2004
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Everything looks pretty good around here!

'Ello, ello! I just thought I'd drop by and leave a comment or two for ya to see. And look! I'm even the first one TO comment! Ha ha. -Rubs hands together in an evil fashion-

The screens look great, and I like the look of the custom menu that you've got goin' for yourself! Very fine~
I am downloading this as we speak. Hey, Ephiam, your avatar looks so dang familiar. Was it a old cartoon movie called Princess Mononoke?
Ephiam's avatar is from an anime called Soul Eater.
Dragon Kingdoms V was released five years ago this week, and I've just recently gotten around to making the sixth installment in the series. I'm trying to avoid it becoming a cookie cutter series.
Hi VideoWizard! I got rather bored, so I decided to play your game. I ended up recording my attempt and making a Let's Try. If you're interested, see here: http://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/7083/?post=206554#post206554

Sorry about the negativity. I hope you'll take it with a grain of salt!
Won't unzip I get this ( ???VEHICLE??? ) Whats wrong?
That means you need the RM2k or RT2k RTP. It may seem laughable now, but download space was at a premium when the game released, so the RTP is separate.
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