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Fixing bugs and crashes

Zeus81 looked through the game found out what was making the game crash.

I've uploaded a data.rar file in the downloads section. Unrar the file in the game folder and a lot of the bugs should be fixed.

The problem is that the file names have French accents which is making the game crash on foreign computers. If the game keep crashing, you can change the filenames yourself, replacing ''é'' with ''e'' (or with whatever you damn please ).

I might go through the database later on and fix everything myself but I don't feel like it right now.

For those who don't want to wait, you may download the file there:


Nearing completion...

I wanted to make a little post to warmly thank the beta tester for The Heirs of Techcatl, Eike (I'm currently fixing the script).

There were a lot more corrections than I expected (ouch, my ego) but that is partly because everything was just so thorough. I've had other people test things before and no one ever came close to what he did for this game.

Thank you, Eike, your contribution in this translation will certainly make the final result even better.


Release date

The testing shouldn't take much longer now. I think it's realistic that the game will be released during the weekend :).


Looking for Beta Testers!

I'll be looking for some Beta testers to play through the game and take screenshots of typos, grammar mistake and bugs. I doubt there will be many but I want to make sure.

If you're interested, please let me know if you've done testing before.


I'm playing through the game for the thrid time to retranslate some stuff which sucked as I rushed through the original translation.

I've also gotten tired of waiting on the tech guy supposed to fix our script and decided to retranslate each event seperately otherwise the English version will never the see the light of day.

Shouldn't be too long now.

I've also added another screenshot for the game.
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