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This is the first saga to the Ligara storyline, about four strangers colliding together in a adventure to save the world from a planet eliminating force that since existed in the beginning of time, and how they'll manage to survive the defying odds of their journey to put a stop too it, hopefully to end the cycle of evil.

This is the first game of the three part saga games: Genesis(Ace), Exodus(MZ), and Revelations(MZ).

Something, I have nothing else to say to try and get 500 characters. I'm a derp...

Latest Blog

Long Overdue blog

*The game is still in progress, mostly on hiatus*.

Things to do:
- Import more resources so no one complains about missing resources.

- Work on the third boss battle.

- Fix as much misspellings and bugs, before a demo release.

- Improve anything to battles, to make things a little interesting, I know
that my video I uploaded is just me attacking enemies without doing anything
but spamming attack.

- I'll add more abit more later on as I figure it out.

- To generally be unreliable on updating any game.
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  • 12/04/2010 08:11 AM
  • 11/11/2022 03:54 AM
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My mind is full of fuck.
Megaupload is dead for now, until the new server is up, providing, that I find a new suitable upload site.
My mind is full of fuck.

this is the old gameplay video from rm2k. Not sure if you saw it.
Thinking of vxace reboot.
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