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Episode One: Castles of Sand walkthrough

I was splitted the walkthrough, because Flash player eats lot of RAM.

Episode One: Castles of Sand

First Mission in Chapter 1 is: Steel Vultures. Habitation Zero is under attack, so your have to fly away. In bottom left corner is Habitation Hull. Enemy give damage one time per turn. Here is six enemies spots. Enemies can move. After complete mission is here an optional quest. If you want do it you must find 10 Scrap Carboderms. I found only seven of it.

Next mission is: Enlightenment. In prvious mission was been lost 4 unstable materials. You canfind it in ruins with special device. When you are close of the material, you get warning by this device. As ever here is enemies too.

Talk with Marie, Chac, Mahk, Tezkhra and with Rami. Find cupboards with items.

Go to the Briefing. Next mission is in blind zone, so you will not see all passages of map.

Last mission in this chapter is: Data Mining. In this mission is places with micro meteor shower. This cause, that you lose 100 hul in battle in end of every phase. You can use this places for your advantage, too. In this mission must be all your fleets in target spot. When your reach it, your will be transferred to next blind zone. You must defeat Lagarto.

Episode One: Castles of Sand - Random Maps and Nonstory Missions

Talk to some peoples.

First random map, that I entered is 0308537.

Second is location is 0777777.

For third location talk with Mr. Right and Mr. Left. They Give you special mission.

Fourth location is 0000000. Fifth is 0754630.

Give to Soran 25 Scrap Carboderms. Sixth location is 0000000 again. Seventh is 0000001.

Eigth location is 0229104. Ninth location is 0760990. Tenth is 0810662.

Eleventh is 0817085. Twelfth is 0809823. Watch end of Episode One.