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Episode Three: And Yet it Moves walkthrough

I was splitted the walkthrough, because Flash player eats lot of RAM.

Episode Three: And Yet it Moves

Pass the test.

Talk to your party members.

Go to briefing. Start mission Signal to Noise. In this mission must get and bug the green spots. And suspicion in botton left corner shouldn´t get to 100‰. If it get, so there will be much enemies.

Talk to your party members.

Here is mission Dangerous Skyes. Here is big ship, that moves 3 nodes per turn. This ship mustn´t get to the spot with encounters. If gets mission is lost.

Talk with your party members.

Find EROS Card L2. and explore Eros Research Center.

Start mission An Infestation. Kill all enemies.

Start mission Another Infestation. Engage any enemy fleets that you see.

Talk to your party members.

Investigate nodes many as you can.

Attack Colony 503B.

Craft some weapons. Watch ending episode 3

Episode Three: And Yet it Moves - Random Maps and Nonstory Missions

The Wall

This is optional mission The Drinker. You must hit three Power Fountains two times with the same kind of weapon, that it uses (when Power Fountain using thermal weapon, you must use thermal weapon too).

Next mission is The Cryocarrier.

First location is 6290047.

Second location is 6311096.

Next location is 6453395.

Fourth location is 7489593.

Fifth location is 6417868.