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The heroes of the world are gathering.

One sin goes unnoticed. Even a hundred sins are given little thought. But a thousand - a million sins stirs the Darkness of the world. As Darkness rises, the heroes of Light gather to destroy what mankind created. To attain equilibrium, the Dark warriors come into the fray. Fighting for Darkness, they challenge everything that is good, kind, and pure. Stories tell of the warriors of good putting down Darkness together with their combined power. Well, lets just hope those stories are purely fiction.

Throw your hero out the door - forget questing for random people because you are just too kind to deny them. If you need something, just take it. You are the villain, so act like it. For once play as the defender of evil and conqueror of good. Defeat the Light Warriors and follow Darkness' bidding.


-Turn-based RPG action!
-Explore every box,barrel, and basket to find random things people decide to leave around!
-Cause destruction in small mini-games!
-No mercy!
-Extra challenges and bosses for the hardcore player!
-No children in your party!

Current version is a demo.

**If there are text problems, you will need to download the RPG Maker 2k patch. If someone could let me know if such action is necessary, that would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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How long be this game when will be complete
How long be this game when will be complete

I recently picked it up again. It depends on how much time I have. I can have another demo available within the next few weeks, though.
This sounds immense!!
I'm sensing some serious funk!

It's revolutionary, I know =)
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
OK so this was just fun, until it wasn't.

I know the idea of playing as the bad guy isn't a new one, but then again given the age of this game it was probably still newish when this game was made, but nax you did a pretty good job with this. It isn't serious at all, well there are a few well intentioned moments that can be taken that way but by and large this game is designed to be taken not as a 'joke' game in that it is particularly humorous, but as a poke at some of those old adages and tropes that are expected of the villain of the piece.

You've got the motivation of the anti-hero down pretty well, and the random acts of destruction tie in to the characterisation pretty well. I enjoy what I played of it, unfortunately I ran into a resource error that I couldn't source elsewhere, which is rare for a 2K3 game but it does happen.

Anyway I know it's been a while but if you do pop back ever so often I wanted to say I enjoyed this.
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