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First of all sorry for my English because I am from Poland and don't use it often. This game will be translated when it'll reach full version status (not by me because of first sentence of this description). Polish demo can be found under name "Niezwykla Przygoda" Anyway, let get going.

-- Story --

Grandis, young, twelve-years old kid was on his way to home on the other side of forest. At some point he saw falling star in the sky. He had no friends - in his hometown nobody liked him. Well, maybe except certain old man, Estar. So his wish was to meet true friend. But this wasn't a star... After a while Grandis felt earth shock. It's epicenter was at glade near which he was going. He decided to check it and on the glade he saw white dragoness. He didn't want, for obvious reasons that she see him, so he hidden in small bushes beside path. But it didn't help. Mostly because Grandis usually whispering too loud and talking too much ;). Dragoness saw the movement, but she turned out to be friendly letting Grandis go. After coming back to home boy decided to say nothing about this... situation to his father, because he wouldn't believe him. But the next day Grandis' father were kidnapped. Grandis, usually very brave decides to get him back. Will he succeed? Or maybe things are more complicated that they seems at first? I can only say that things aren't always what they appear to be. Friends can be enemies and vice versa...

Mechanics is typical for RPG Maker games. Standard (although very tweaked to be challenging) battle system, my own CMS (without skills, backpack and equipment pages, because I can't make them, so there is menu item Backpack and skills which invokes standard RM menu). Also I using BetterAEP patch by Cherry along with Audieremony (I could use internal RM sound system, because I using only midis and mp3s at the moment, but want my game to be wine-compatible and mp3s aren't good for wine while rpg_rt->mp3->audieremony->wine works perfect).

Latest Blog

English demo will be soon

English demo if my translator won't be lazy should be in few months. It'll be exact same demo as Polish one except in English (both pictures and dialogs).

Demo playtime is approximatively 2h if you want go quickest way or even 3h if you enjoy every moment of game.
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  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
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  • 01/30/2011 05:21 AM
  • 09/12/2014 08:49 PM
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I noticed your heading for your game.

"The story about twelve years old boy, friendship and dragons"

You might want to change it to:

"The story about a twelve year old boy, friendship and dragons."

Despite the grammatical errors, the mapping looks decent and what not, should be an interesting play.
Even newspapers have those nowadays.
Yeah, I know that my grammar sucks. That's why someone else translates game.
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