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You wake up one morning to the town on fire and no idea of what to do. Try to find your way to safety!

This game was created for the Weekend Gaming Binge (Q1) and uses only voice acting and choices to try and create the feel of running for your life. There's no graphics, just sound and I'd like to think it's pulled off pretty well.

With 20 different endings, and only a few ways to survive, I'm sure you'll all curse me out a few times. ^.^

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Download uploaded and future plans

Yeah, so this game was made for the Weekend Gamemaking Binge and the download has now been added to the site. I'm expecting a lot of people to die a lot whilst playing. I realise that it'll get annoying playing over and over again and being unable to skip the previously seen scenes.

I'm thinking of eventually adding either an auto-save of some sort (still thinking on it) or a skip feature. Also adding toggled subtitles is on the cards. And a few more branches that I had to cut to reach the deadline on time.

I'll listen to any ideas so if you have a suggestion just post it here.
  • Completed
  • Liberty
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Simulation
  • 01/31/2011 01:04 PM
  • 04/01/2016 11:34 PM
  • 02/01/2011
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Thanks for giving it a go Ghost! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

As for the points you made:
a) I hadn't thought about doing that but it may be a good idea. Maybe a beep or something.
b) I did think, after testing it the first time, that it was a bit blah visual wise. I was thinking of some sort of background that changes as you change area - just simple art. I may look into it.
c) Music, well, I'm not so sure about. I don't really want to add music to the game as it is. I want it to stand alone as just a voice in the dark, as it were.

About the timing issues - I'm aware there are a few. I was sure that I had them all timed perfectly but it seems I'll have to double check them all.
And yeah, some parts are much longer and less panicked than others. I don't know, I was thinking about my own reactions to those situations and basing the acting on them. I should be a bit more panicked at the beginning, seeing as the freakin' town's on fire and all, and I probably will redo some sections when I add the original path that I had to cut out because of time restraints.

Thanks for pointing all these things out, though. It was definitely a big learning experience!
Timing issues, especially with sound involved, may be dependent on the speed of the system playing them. I had an instance in a 2k3 project I was working with once where I was trying to get a single song to play through exactly once in a battle scenario (that option in the event for choices doesn't seem to work in battles, even if called in a common event), and I thought I'd timed it perfectly there. Not once on any of the other machines I tried to run it on did it come out right.

Go ahead and tune it as much as you can, but realize that there may be some unalterable variables in the equation.
Originally I used .wav sound effects, which worked just fine, but the file size was about 300MB so I had to change to mp3s and background music instead. I've been thinking about using a different program for this project instead of RM** but have yet to find a good one (that I know how to use XP).

As it stands, unless I want to edit each voice clip to have music in the background (most of them already have background sounds already and adding more would push up the sizes as well) then it will probably not occur just yet.

The real idea of this game was a sort of diary/thought concept and well, how many of us have a soundtrack in the background of our thoughts? And yes, it would add a bit more to the atmosphere but I was pushing the concept by adding any other sounds really. So for the moment, music is a no. Maybe at a later date I'd consider it, though.

And yeah, timing also is affected by how a computer runs, which is all kinds of 'ugh!'
I'm yet to give this a try (I will!)

Just one little trick to avoid the looping: leave silent blanks after the voice files (when using mp3).
Great. I downloaded it. then I had mom screaming at me. Then I had to turn off the PC. then I'll not have a PC again because she's taking it for her new tattoo shop. then... I won't play it, and I was interested. o_ó

Yeah, I'll still play it... Someday. ;_;
I really like the idea. It's like a text adventure but with audio recordings.
I dunno if I just got lucky but I completed the game on my first try (helicopter and creek ending)... I found it pretty easy to survive using logic thinking.
I personally think there were a bit too much of "oh my god" and the F word... I don't think they add anything to the experience and actually make it less interesting... A better way to add emotion in the interpretation would be to play with the tone, speed and volume of your voice. I took a lot of acting classes by the way so that's why I'd suggest you do that.
Overall it's a great idea and very innovative for RpgMaker. Keep up the good work!
I tried it out and survived! It's pretty...easy I think to survive if you would really think of the situation, but I think the one that made me D8 was so many oh god. It felt like repetitive and sometimes almost monotone. In the intro where you were umming and stuff at first I thought you'd be like, OMG THERE'S A FIRE WHAT SHOULD I DO?! sort of panic way.

But yeah, it was nice :'3 There's not much I can tell that Ghost didn't say already. Nice work Liberty~
Man this was great! Expect a review by tomorrow or so!
Please, PLEASE, pretty please, make a "text only" version.
Oh, and less "mygodmygodmygodmygod" if possible.

But it's a great idea after all.
Text-only version would take all the fun out of the game.
I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
I finished the game!I noticed to escape in my first try!Anyway,great game.I'll probably try the other endings too.But I think youshould be able to skip the voice acting and go straight to making a decision if you press spacebar or something so that you wouldn't have to go through all that.
The words I heard the worst throughout the game were ''oh my god'' and ''fuck...''
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