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Download is up!

Thanks Master_Miller and NewBlack for testing.

I fixed some bugs, but left a whole lot of annoying things.

I expect it to make an overall fun experience, since the game is so short anyway.
If you find more bugs, please tell.

It should run without the RTP or RM2K installed.

I guess I was the first to submit my entry for Valedictory Game Drive!

A candy to the first person to review it. :D


I need testers

The translation is finished. I just need one or two people to test it for me.

Let me make one thing clear: I don't plan on changing anything in this game, like... bad mapping, or weird balancing. I need testing for:

Spelling and grammar mistakes;
Missing files;
Passability and other bugs.

Would anyone please test it for me? It's a short game, should be completed in under one hour. It's also supposed to run without the RTP.



About Vampiros and its translation

I'm probably going to hear a lot when this translation is done, because this game is so... not-me, in many ways. So I decided to write a blog saying what is this game, and why I decided to translate it.

Vampiros was my first complete RPG Maker game, and the first RM game I made that was meant to be played by anyone other than myself. It was actually made as a Christmas gift for my best friend at the time. The main character was him, the main character's best friend was me. This was the first time I used the name Calunio - it's the name of one of the characters, the one made to represent myself - Calunio is an anagram of my real name, Nicolau.

This game was made in one or two weeks, I'm not sure. It's very standard in many ways:

· It uses RTP and rips as graphics;
· It uses RM2K DBS;
· There are no sorts of custom systems at all;
· The main character is ALEX!

It's very traditional as an RPG. But even though I made it thinking of a friend, it's a game in itself, and it can be played by anyone, with no private jokes or anything of that sort.

I made this game in 2002. Why did I decide to translate it now?

In truth, I woke up one day in the middle of the night (March 15th 2011, to be exact) and thought "Hey, I should translate Vampiros". That was it, and that's all.

But though it could have passed like one of those middle-of-the-night brainstorms that go nowhere, the idea stuck with me. Why? Well, cause:

· It's a complete game, and it's short, so translating it (and playing it, for that matter) won't be much of a trouble;
· Despite the lack of deep customization, there's a nice story behind it, and I consider it to be an overall nice game, although outdated in many ways;
· For some weird, weird reason, I always wanted to have an RPG on RMN. Alvorada do Mal is my main project, it's an RPG, and it's so much better than Vampiros in every way, but it's too big to translate.
· It's a game with some sentimental value to me. I thought it would be a nice homage to the friend I made the game to, who passed away on 2009.

About the translation

I set my mind to make it a translation, not a remake. It's very tempting to improve things, but... that would be the same as never finishing this, and taking the focus from my other projects. There are many things in this game I don't like. There are some stupid insta-deaths, some ugly overused graphics, horrible mapping, and... ALEX as the main character. But it's all staying. I even decided to keep the original Portuguese name Vampiros, it's classier than the translation Vampires.

This game should be released for RMN's Valedictory Game Drive.
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