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The story begins with a population of demi-human elves who live on the floating continent of Aerion, where peace reigned for decades, however, an attack from out of no where blasts the floating continent out of the sky leaving the citizens scattered from their home.

You play as Rad, one of the citizens who's home was destroyed by the mysterious assailant, wanting to find answers for the reasons of your lands destruction, you will encounter old friends along with new ones which will help decide the fate of a world you have never stepped foot on: Gaia.

NOTE: If there is any bugs in the game, please provide screenshots so that I may have a easier time to locate said bugs and fix them. Thank you.

Latest Blog

Phantasia 3 Large Grammatical Update!

Hey peeps, Jaymonius here with minor news saying that hey, there's a new version of Phantasia 3 available, a heavily grammatical update that was HEAVILY required. It translate my early high school days of wording stuff in the game to a more... mature and readable dialect.

It also fixes a lot of mistakes that was in the game as well, HOWEVER, it's not fully finished. It reaches up to the point where the Aerodoria surfaces, and that's about halfway through the game. There's a lot of ground to cover, and I do work on this on and off, but hey, if anyone is curious to play this again, by all means.

  • Completed
  • J-Man
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • RPG
  • 06/08/2007 01:23 AM
  • 04/26/2023 07:28 PM
  • 12/13/2008
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Haven't touched this in a long while. There are currently no plans to work on this. The game is too outdated. (The current version which was updated back in 2018 is still there.)

But I don't have plans to continue this update any longer. (Reasons being I am too preoccupied with my commercial projects.)
I couldn't tell if this game is fixed from issue with grammatical on phantasia 3? is it done updated or still haven't fixed the grammatical (despite I checked the update and it is date from 09/01/2018
okay, thanks for the new message, I hope this game has no doubt about the errors ever since when I like this game from 2013
hi, I just wondering when the phantasia 3's grammar things are fixed. I remember that I like this game

I did recently update the game a year or so ago that fixed a lot of grammar mistakes, but only up until a certain point in the game. Not sure if I updated it here or not though.
hi, I just wondering when the phantasia 3's grammar things are fixed. I remember that I like this game
je tai envoyer un steam request
yhe fight after fight dark emilius firth time
before i need my pasword xd mabe nex time
i like talked with you

if you have create your sprite create a sprite of draco with a true dark blade for p1r when we use 3 fight again him with dark blade and made he one shott us kill uss
I'm trying to find your name on steam, and your picture of some grey cat but no luck. Why haven't you just tried to add me? My avatar is roughly the same. :P

Actually, show me your steam page. Link it by mailing it to me.
fini thing zerg dont said he human wtf he not a demi deamon so that not lot logic
Mine may be a little easier to find, just look up Jaymonius or Sir Jaymonius. I looked up your name and there was too many with your name, and I can't figure out which one is which.
thank my user is gros guime i belive
My steam username is Jaymonius. Come! Add me! We shall talk game(s) and get you on the right track! :P And maybe buzzing game thing will let P3 slowly die down, I don't want this game getting attention just yet. I haven't finished translating the game yet. XD
discord never heard about what you steam usr