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We're not dead yet: VX Ace!

Hey all, I know it's been forever since we've made any progress on Disconnect, so I figured I'd update on the state of the project.

The "brief hiatus" in September became an indefinite hiatus for a couple reasons. First, I lost a few days of work on the (tangled) battle system, and then we all had other projects to work on (Zephyr Skies, Man's Best Friend, BunLegends, etc). After that, I was very reluctant to get back to work on the battle system. A CBS in 2K3 is spaghetti code by necessity. As it's almost unmaintainable, it's *really hard* to just pick these things back up without a lot of commitment.

However! This project is still alive. Except... we're migrating to RPGmaker VX Ace. A couple reasons why: We were never very far along in this game in terms of play length, in fact, only maybe five minutes. The battle system had the most work done, but replicating in VX will be so much easier. Scripts are hugely powerful compared to all the 2k/3 workarounds and make CBS creation about 10x easier. VX also supports a larger resolution so Dudesoft can draw battlers by hand. The only drawback is mapping, but Deckiller is confident that a combination of scripts and panorama mapping can make the Refmap look work in VX.

This doesn't mean we're resuming production immediately, but we'll be back to work shortly after the release of VX Ace English version. We all have projects to finish, and the delay should give us enough time to further plan Disconnect. Thanks for your support!


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always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
If you pretend that VX graphics are 50% smaller, Refmap looks like:

Which is slick.
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