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A Short Game About Missions

My playtime: i didn't record it, but the game lasts around 30 minutes.

Esoterica: The Dreamlike is a visual novel game with skippable shooter mini game in it. The game has 2 slightly different endings in the end that you can choose.

To be honest, the game's music is a bit low although i quite enjoy it. The game uses the appropriate music on the right timing.

I like the game's graphics, especially in Eddie's room. The mappings are also decent for the game, except for the fact that some containers are just too close in the first mission that i can't believe that i can get past through them.

Although the game consists mostly with dialogues, i don't find the dialogues to be boring. In fact, i'm enjoying it. I did notice some hints that the game give although it's quite different from the one given in the afterwords.

Speaking of afterwords, yes, there is an afterwords in the game after the ending that truly explains the ending. I do find the afterwords to be helpful for me to understand the game to its fullest.

As for the story itself, the story is well thought and i find it to be interesting.

The game
The game has a mini game where you have to shoot enemies with your gun while avoiding the gun target from your enemies. However, the mini game sucks; you have to completely stop before you can shoot your enemies and you can't change your direction once the mini game triggers. You'll also instantly die when you are caught by the target. The game might give a warning before the mini game triggers, but i didn't get the warning once (in the second mission, in the first room i can enter) and i died (because i'm not good enough). Luckily, the save point isn't that far since the game offers a save almost every time. You also can save everywhere you want and it helps a lot if you suck. If you're too lazy to play the mini game, you also can skip it.

Where should i shoot?

- 2 endings

- You can't switch direction once the mini game starts

This is a game with interesting story and a shooter mini game. You also can skip the mini game if you want.

ps: You can pass through here:

- You can kill the guy in the upper area of the room in the last area of the first mission before killing the guy in the lower area of the room. This will cause the cutscene to trigger and you'll end up die because of the other guy's target circle.


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Thanks for the download, playthrough, and review!

Admittedly, as a game, this one isn't great. I made it over the course of like a week or something for some event or contest, so the actual gameplay blows pretty hard lol. Glad you enjoyed the story though, as it was one I had had in my head for a while before making this. I think I originally planned to make it into a novella or something, but then this event came along and I figured I'd try some experimenting with it. I should really play this again and maybe rewriting it as a novella could actually happen.

There was a sort of follow-up/pseudo-sequel to this game called Surreality, although I must warn you it's twice as weird and by all accounts a worse game lol. It was based on a freaky dream I had, and shares some of the odd themes found in this game.

you're welcome! it's quite interesting that you use your dream as the basis of your games. well, i hope you'll really make it into a novella someday. and sure, i'll check the game out when i have the time later.
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