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Boss Battles with a kick... Part 1

Most of my Ideas aren't "Unique", but it does give you an Idea of what the
Final version of my game would be like.


Boss battle - Kate

Nothing too crazy about this battle, unless special requirements are met.
Being a Cat-girl she displays many characteristics of one, So if you cast
a water spell on her, she will go BESERK.

Her Atk, Spd, Def increase... while her M.Def goes down.

& it stacks if you continue... if her health is below 50% and you're still
being Evil with the Water spells, She will unleash an attack that you won't survive. (at the time you fight her)


Boss battle - The Adventures

The Healer - Who doesn't attack but heals the PARTY.
The Warrior - Who does the most damage. (Protects Healer - Physical)
The Thief - Who attacks the most often. (Protects Healer - Status)
The Mage - Who can can spells of entire party. (Protects Healer - Magical)

You can't JUST attack 1 enemy hoping it will die if you hit them often enough.
-Since the Healer will just heal them.-

You will need to Attack Multiple Enemies and wither them all down.
-The Healer would only be able to Heal 1 at a time.-

Once you Defeat an enemy protecting the healer, You could attack them with what was protecting them.


Boss Battle - the Clown (Random encounter)

he isn't very strong but he will have about 5000HP

If you do not kill him after your 1st turn, He throws a Bomb at you and then Runs.
If you DO beat him, you get a Key to unlock a special Chest.