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A zelda fan role-playing game featuring both LTTP and Minish Cap graphics.
Link starts out with 4 heart containers. His initial health meter can be
boosted by gathering new heart quadrants hidden throughout the overworld map
inside caves and temples. A Multitude of maps with open world elements conceal
the entrances to each dungeon. There are a total of 4 main dungeons in the
game plus a Catacomb mini-dungeon and Ganon's Lair. Each dungeon presents a
unique challange full of puzzles, deceiving traps, and dangerous enemies.
Link's main goal is to explore new grounds, gather rupees, meet new
characters, and ultimately collect the 3 pendants of virture to wield the
legendary master sword. Link will often travel between dimensions to access
new areas and ultimately complete his quest.

Dungeon 1: Western Palace
Dungeon 2: Desert Crypt
Dungeon 3: Tower of Hera
Dungeon 4: Marsh Temple
Dungeon 5: Catacombs
Ganon's Tower

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  • Davenport
  • RPG Tsukuru 2003
  • Adventure
  • 09/12/2011 11:42 PM
  • 06/01/2023 10:56 PM
  • 12/09/2011
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Cool ! Oo'
I download your game and I'll play when I have time :P
I have question :
Do you will fix bugs ?
When you go into the dark world at the beginning, are you suppose to attack enemies there while you are the octopus? I noticed when I attack, I turn back to link.

I also came across a bug where you fall down a hole in the snowy area but I cannot go on after I fall. My esc menu becomes disable and a block that is in my way is not moveable.

In touro (sp) woods, it won't let you go up at the warp point when you first come in. However, after you follow the correct path, it will let you go through.... weird.

In the castle, you can't go back down when you go up many staircases.

In mineral mines, there is an exit that will not let me exit through.

This game is blasted with bugs...
Most of these aren't real bugs.

1. In torus woods, only following the correct path order
will lead you to the grove where the master sword is located. (South, East, East, East, North, North)

2. The castle, the snow hole and mineral cave. (Will investigate) Does not exist

3. The octopus bug, (currently fixing that one, no more delays.) Now Fixed
Is the key in Indigo castle suppose to appear in your inventory when you get it?

I also found a couple of warps to the dark world where when swing my sword, I turn back to Link. One was by the beach where there are signs posted "No campfire's allowed." Another area was kindof near Indigo castle on the screen with a house. Thankfully, I was allowed to swing my sword, the warp back had bushes blocking the way.
(Dungeon 3 bugs fixed).
Now you can exit safely.
Sword is always enabled (Octopus mode off), that is
once you return to the light world through any portal.

(Dungeon 3 bugs fixed).
Now you can exit safely.
Sword is always enabled (Octopus mode off), that is
once you return to the light world through any portal.

I meant entering into the dark world
Yes, I forgot to take the dark bushes into account.
This will be the last correction for version 1.0.

Edit: Version 1.23 is ready.

I'm not going to upload any more changes until the end of the year.
I'm sorry, but I'm kinda confused on the way things are listed on this site.

This is listed as complete, but it's really really glitchy, and overall just feels like it's missing a lot. What exactly is the situation with this?
Well, the majority of the glitches were fixed.
A couple remaining bugs were fixed during the beta.
Version 1.5 is now available.
Videos will be ready soon.

Edit: Just finished. Here are the videos.

Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
RATS !!!!!

I'm lost.
I love to wander around and look at things and see what there is to see :)

Did that, and now I'm lost and can't find my way to the start area so I can do what has to be done :(

Is there any map or will you be putting one in the game like the original Zelda so you can see were you are on the overall map. ?

I made and saved a few sketches of how all the maps connect like in SNes-Zelds a while back.
Click on images to view them. Goodluck!

A few dungeon maps are also present.

When I try to leave the fourth dungeon after beating it the game crashes and a error box shows up saying "event script referenced an event that does not exist" also everyone I leave the fairy fountain near the elder conference house it crashes and says the same thing
I'm pretty aware of this type of error.
I could not figure out any way to patch this.
You can always watch the video.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
interesting. ive been avoiding the fan made zelda and ff games. but i think ill try this one.
which reminds me the hardest one of the series ive played was a link to the past(snes)
i couldn't 100% it or beat the final boss :(

Gj on finishing the project
what is the expected gameplay time tho?

move speeds to slow for my taste,takes to long to get anywhere.
Thanks for the feedback.
Maybe I can make the speed optional for the player.
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