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Prime Cast
Hikari Morishita,
Date of Birth: 493, 15 Ago.
Place: Yamashiru
After her graduation, she will start a journey where she will find traces of uncommon events around the world, and will get interested on what happened in the past.
Minuet Vijuphrava,
Date of Birth: 493, 8 Mar
Place: Aleko
Hikari's friend since she entered on the Academy. Now her combat teammate. Sarcastic and a little serious, with a pretty passive character.
Sid Vipond,
Date of Birth: 491, 3 Nov
Place: Parnassus
Ensign and leader of the X Squad, he is a very talented tactician. Orphan by cause of war, has no memories of his former family, he now lives for the honor and his teammates.
Lance Vredevelt,
Date of Birth: 491, 17 Sep
Place: Parnassus
Foster son of the renown Vredevelt family, Sid's close friend since his time at the orphanage. Most of his life is a mystery for others, because of Lance's silent personality.

Secondary Cast
Academy Forces
Franco Mitsinikos, Aleko Academy Headmaster. It seems that his ancestor, who shares his name and surname, was the founder of the Academy, with Tim Timberelli, the long-lived man. His past is uncertain, and even with his fame across the Academy, we don't know almost anything about him. Only Timberelli would know...

Tim Timberelli, the long lived man. With over five hundred years, he is the last of the ancient humans, whose developed longevity as natural response to the almost imminent extinction. He's like an alien, by the fact that his skin is greenish, and in appearence some even say it resembles to a green gnome. His personality is the product of his longevity, having witnessed many horrid moments in humanity history.

Sometimes referred as "monsters". Normally enemies of humankind, but some of them are just unharmful.

"King of Beasts" Tezcatlipoca, the one that once proclaimed himself lord of all lilims and destroyer of humanity. Under his command, lilims almost destroyed all civilization, but it was defeated by "The Four Heroes from the Past".
Tezcatlipoca is a living concience. It invades other creatures and makes them its host. When it doesn't has a host, it manifests physically as some kind of smoke.

Half-monster, half humans. Their beast part predominates over the human one.

Mana and Manju, the two utgarims that are known to have been possesed by the "King of Beasts" Tezcatlipoca (discarding the previous known host, whose identity it's unknown). Manju was the older sister of Mana. Since Manju's death, Mana accepted the conscience of Tezcatlipoca, and now it's his host.