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This is a short collaborative community event project wherein we created Ghost House levels in SMBX. The best levels were compiled into this game, which we called Mario's Mansion.

Kamek, the evil wizard, has turned Peach, Luigi and Toad into ghosts! Mario must brave the horrors of Ghostly Hollows to break the spell and save his friends.

A sequel, Mario's Mansion 2, was made in 2012.

To play this game:
1. Download SMBX (if you don't already have it installed).
2. Download the Mario's Mansion game from this gameprofile.
3. Copy the zip file to the SMBX worlds folder.
4. Unzip the game to that folder.
5. Start SMBX and click Start Game.
6. Select 1 Player or 2 Player, and then select Mario's Mansion from the list.

Latest Blog

Mario's Mansion is released

The belated release of Mario's Mansion is upon us. I tried hard to get it out on Halloween, but I just missed the mark (my son was just too cute in his little vampire's costume).

The evil wizard Kamek is turning tricks again. He has turned Luigi, Toad and Peach into ghosts! Mario (and Link) has to defeat Kamek to break the spell, but first they must unlock the barrier to his house with star power. Scour the Ghostly Hollows for 3 stars and defeat Kamek to break the curse!

Intro by Link_2112
Death Cave by jackalotrun
Dim Darkness by apa649
Ghost Castle by Davenport
Ghost Dancers by Solitayre
Ghost House by arcan
Ghost Mansion by Davenport
Ghost Tower by Davenport
Ghosthouse Blues by Desmo360
Ghostly Fortress by jackalotrun
Ghostwall by kentona
Gloom Catacombs by Davenport
Haunted Palace by Davenport
Hopeless Hauntings by apa649
House Of Ghosts by jackalotrun
House of Death by Faenon
House of Haunt by Link_2112
I Hope You Burn by Flying_pancake
Spirit Causeway by jackalotrun
Terrifying Treehouse by Deckiller
The Phantom Train by LockeZ
Turning Tricks by Link_2112
(Final Boss) Kamek's Peak by Link_2112


The floating sequence there is a glitch where you can go through the wooden planks to the wooden blocks.

How does the glitch happen? I can't picture it.

I appreciate the compliments, even though it's surrounded by comments I can't wrap my head around. I'm glad that I created SOMETHING you liked, but...

Complex too to the point that I'm not sure its beatable

haha With statements like this how can I not laugh? What exactly is complex about it? The order in which you have to hit colored switches? The skill needed to make it through the fireballs untouched? Maybe I'm spoiled by having a joystick, I can imagine it would be harder with the keyboard. The first part of the level leading up to this point is as simple as can be. I would agree that it can be very tricky, even "hard", but it's the last level. It seems justified, considering how short the fireball part is. The only truly difficult part. I even included unlimited power-ups so that even if a player couldn't manage to squeeze through the tight spots, they could just plow their way through after getting hit the first time(or retreat to fill up on power-ups to try again). I'd be interested to see a video of how you play that part. Everything after the fireball section should not be any trouble if you take your time.

It is definitely beatable :/

Regarding fixing problems; I think it should be agreed upon that they are actually problems and not just design choices a person feels should be made. That duty should fall onto Captain Kentona. He would have already determined all the levels to be fit for release, anyways. I don't recall any game-breaking issues, except that one part of my House of Haunt level where you are able to skip a colored switch block "puzzle". Hardly game-breaking. During the time for level testing nobody said the fireball section was too hard, except Kentona. At which point I made changes to help guide the player to safe zones by adding coins. There was no further input so I could only assume it was ok. And I don't recall anyone else saying they couldn't beat. It would be easy to fix but if changes are to be made it should be done all at once and not with endless updates to the game download. We should compile as complete a list as possible and make all changes at the same time, if any.
The glitch happens if you're floating downn pressing down near the floor and you get enemy hit you turn into normal Mario in the floor. I'm sure its very difficult to do, but its happened.

I can't wrap my head around completing the floating segment. :-) It is an interesting idea but there's a lot of ways to get hit.

I'll give it another go sometime today. What's complex about it is the order coupled with all of the ways to get hit. So you need to take it show and then the ghosts close in and then there are spikes... I have a controller too, but momentum and the game has interesting hit detection.

And yes it is the last level... who has gotten to the last level?

And maybe they aren't problems that need fixing, but I'm also the person that defended Super RMNK Bros 2 against Brickroad. Its your game and your levels.

As for endless updates I know about that, 2 years after making some games I'm still updating them when people complain.
That sounds like an issue with the engine. It would be an awkward fix. Considering how rare it is and that it doesn't cause instant death I don't think it really needs to be fixed in this game. Sure a game can always be updated but I don't think many people will be playing this game and I'm sure there will be plenty of other things for them hate about it that can't be fixed. Keep in mind this is a casual community event.

At any one time there are only 2 ways to get hit. In the fireball section the fireballs are always there and at one point a ghost falls, that's probably the most likely hit but you should learn from it. There are spikes that don't move. There are ghosts that come up from the floor but they are easily avoidable. The entire time a trail of coins shows you safe passage and at just about every possible place to land after getting hit you are provided with unlimited power-ups. After the fireballs there are 3 ghosts roaming around and non-moving spikes. It's hardly complex if you take your time.

I would have removed some of the fireballs if anyone would have pushed for it. It seems like the right amount to me. I did space a few of them out.

I've never noticed anything seriously wrong with the hit detection. What about momentum?

but I'm also the person that defended Super RMNK Bros 2 against Brickroad.

o.o Is this supposed to mean something other than nothing? I defended RMN bros. Kentona defended RMN bros.

Heh..one could argue..that in a sense your the Brickroad of this situation xD Minds are blown.
RMN Bros before hos
Don't apologize :o you didn't do anything wrong. I can't help but defend my point of view, you should too. Don't you have any counter-points???
Where are all the reviews I'd been promised, huh?
I'd have counter points, then you'd have more counter points, but in the end nothing would get done because we're too busy talking. I reviewed the levels.
We'd generate buzz score...
Discussion is healthy. And who says anything needs to get done? ;)

Maybe you'll get me to see the light and change my view on Mario games forever ha
Gotta pick your battles.

LOL @ Link's avatar. Awesome!
I played through all levels in the game over around 90 minutes. Now I'm uploading it to Youtube. Deaths and all.
I played through all levels in the game over around 90 minutes. Now I'm uploading it to Youtube. Deaths and all.

Can you post a link?
I keep trying to post but they are invalid links??? I'm shocked people have seen the videos since I first uploaded them overnight. So now that everything is uploaded. Turns out... there's no sound. Lovely. Hopefully lack of audio will not affect the likes and dislikes of the videos.

You'll see some amazingly dumb deaths that I have nothing to do with. Such as when I pick up a mushroom block only to get crushed by a mushroom block....

All of us get lost in the darkness; dreamers learn to steer by the stars.
Still skipped my level? :P It's very much in the game.
My bad. Where is it? Is it that level in the bottom left of the map?
All of us get lost in the darkness; dreamers learn to steer by the stars.
Nope, it's basically in the middle.
The middle of the map? Isn't that phantom train?

Edit: >> I also wanted to mention that I found a new appreciation for Davenport's levels in this playthrough. D-Port has gotten a lot better in making conscise and uniquely fun challenging levels.
Thanks for playing =D
Nice videos by the way.