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Misaos 2012!

  • Ronove
  • 01/21/2013 06:06 PM


For anyone who nominated SSP or voted for it, you guys are super swell and I appreciate your votes of confidence (more than words can really convey)! *hugs everyone* And as Volrath's been talking about elsewhere, he imagined Shroud (from Master of the Wind, winner of RMN's 2011 Game of the Year) giving Snowe a statue that symbolizes the handing off of a title... so I decided to draw it!

My hands aren't cooperating today so it's a little sloppy, but it was such a cute image I had to draw it!


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Congrats! Perhaps The Sunrise God will be eligible for next years? *nudge nudge* *wink wink* If you know what I mean?
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@Irili: I don't think I can work on The Sunrise God THAT fast! XD And my goal for that game is to be commercial so it'd be ineligible regardless if I finished it in time or not.

Thank you for the comments thus far guys, you all are super.

Edit: Oh doy, I'm an idiot. I'm actually working on something with Diedrupo as part of our Star*Cadets that should be released in demo form shortly (maybe, depends on how all the testing goes). So when that's out, I'll be pimping that up for sure!
Congrats Ronove on the landslide victory! :D *cackles*
Oh, are you talking about Homework Salesman or something else? Either way, super exciting!
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Homework Salesman indeed! :)
Bahahahahahahaha that's so cute! XD

Congrats again, dahling. You really deserved this.
Your game truly deserved to win 2012 Game of the Year. Congrats!
Cograts, Ron. You really deserve it. And I won't mind doing a few more maps for the Sunrise God. ^^
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@ Everyone: thanks guys. You all are super sweet. :) Here's hoping my new project gets as many fans.

And @Luchino: I totally have some more for you to do! I just gotta get all the details (just have to get ready for work first...)! :D
More like Misao Stealing Prince. lol... I can't get over that...
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