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What is Super Smash Bros. Crusade?

Super Smash Bros. Crusade is a large project built from the ground up and started by three die-hard Smash Bros. fans, Phantom7, Falcon8r, and Dr.MarioX. Our goal is to create a Smash Bros. game packed with characters and stages from the most memorable video games of all time as well as create a Smash Bros. experience that combines the greatest features that all three official Smash Bros. games have to offer.

SSBC Development Team

Falcon8r - Programming
Phantom7 - Art and Graphics
Dr. MarioX - Spriting
Werekill - Miscellaneous

Project: Crusade Development Team
Dettadeus - Head Developer - Programming, Spriting, Forum Administration
Excalibur - Head of the Balancing Team
Plasmis - Head of the Graphics Team
GoldenYuiitusin - Forum Moderation, Roster Discussion Leader
Jaklub - Coding Assistance
Felipe_9595 - Programming, Spriting.

Unfortunately the full development team is a bit large to list right here, so the most important members have been listed above. The full development team will be listed in the Game Info.

System Requirements

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
DirectX 8 or later
DirectX 8 compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory
Pentium or equivalent processor
DirectX 8 compatible sound card
128 MB of memory or greater (noted only in official Game Maker help file documentation)
960×720 or greater screen resolution with 16-bit or 32-bit colors

What types of / How many characters will be included in this game? -- We have quite a lengthy list of fighters (the character roster will total 80 characters, plus alternate forms). There will be plenty of 3rd parties and new representatives from Nintendo games, along with a bonus -- 1 4th party (not originally from a video game series) representative that appears frequently in video games, and that is Goku.

What types of / How many stages are in this game? -- We also have quite a long stage list (app. 60-65) that includes a great variety of past (64, Melee, and Brawl) and original stages. The roster is being changed slightly, but will still be around 65 stages.

Will this game include and Online Play feature? -- This should be in a future update. I plan to have it done before the end of the year.

What's this I hear about DLC? Is it like SSF2's expansions? -- After the game reaches version 1.0, I plan to release a series of patches under the name CrusaDLC. Each patch will contain five additional characters and a number of extra stages, and there will be 5 patches. This totals to 25 additional characters. 24 of these characters are going to be decided by popular vote in a few months, while there is one currently confirmed character. You might ask why these characters and stages aren't just added into the main game instead of being released as DLC. And I might answer that these are characters that would fit well in Crusade but are missing one key factor, such as having been on a Nintendo console (one of the requirements for the roster). The stages are really just whatever we have available and left over that fits.

How many hours a day does the team work on the game? -- There isn't a set amount of time. Personally, some days I may not touch the .gmk, others I might work on it as long as I'm awake. I plan to devote a lot of time to Project: Crusade, but I have a life too, you know! As for the rest of the team, it's still pretty choppy.

Which Smash Bros. game is SSBC going to resemble the most? -- Probably Melee. But some features showcased in Brawl are a part of this game (this does not include tripping!). Overall, though, it tries to be its own game, and it feels very much like that.

What resolution does SSBC run in? 960 x 720. However, we do have plans for making HD versions of the game that will run in 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720.

Will there be NASL in SSBC? Edges have a significant sweetspot area around them, mainly implemented to help out characters with shorter horizontal recovery. The sweetspot is approximately the size of Kirby's body. Also, note that you will auto-grab an edge if you walk off or roll off of it while DI'ing toward the stage.

Lol can I do SHDJCFFL in SSBC? Uhhh, in 0.7, not exactly, but I'll tell you this. Double jumps can be short-hopped. There is fast-falling, but it doesn't cancel upwards momentum. There's no L-canceling, though. Some moves will autocancel in their last few frames.

0.8 main change is the addition of L-cancel.

Will there be ? Mostly, the answer here is no. The game will have the mechanisms present in Melee, for the most part, but even these may only to be some extent.

How many moves do characters have? Here is a full list:
Forward, Up, and Down Tilts
Dash Attack
Nair, Fair, Bair, Uair, and Dair
Forward, Up, and Down Smashes
Forward, Back, Up, and Down Throws
Neutral B
Side B and Smash B (on some characters, such as Samus and Ryu)
Up B (and Smash Up B on few characters)
Down B
Edge Recovery Attack
Final Smash(es)

Examples of Smash B vs Side B - Samus Super Missiles vs. Homing Missiles, Ryu's EX Hurricane Kick vs. normal Hurricane Kick

How much Hitstun will attacks cause? The hitstun is somewhere between Melee and Brawl, leaning towards Melee, and it depends heavily on the attack being used. Also, throws have an intrinsic 3 extra stun frames which is just enough to allow some combos to occur. Many attacks have extra inherent hitstun, like Snake's Knee and Ryu's Down Tilt, but most normal attacks do not have much. So, for instance, Up Tilt juggling with Mario is mostly dependent on your opponent's failure to escape. This is not to say there are no true combos; in fact, every character in the game so far has at least two true attack strings that occur at specific damage percents. This game is not too combo-heavy, but it has a few. However, there is a combo-counter that lets you know when you successfully perform an attack string.

Are there Final Smashes / How do they work? Well, you have a Smash Gauge below your character's percent monitor on the screen, and this gauge fills up as you pound the living tar out of your enemies. It also fills up a little bit when you take damage, as well. When it's full, it will turn white and say ("FINAL SMASH!") That's your chance to pull out all the stops and unleash your character's ultimate attack. You can even adjust the amount of power the gauge will take to fill up in the VS Settings. The default is 200, but you can go as low as 50 and as high as 1000. 50 is a little ridiculous, though, so use wisely.

Is this a Flash game? Nope. We use Game Maker 7 Pro, for specific reasons, like ease of programming and knowledge of the GM language.

Will there be Mac Versions? Hopefully, but it may be a while before that's possible. As Windows (and Lynux) users, we'll have to get our hands on a Mac somehow in order to do that.

How can I insert my own music into the game? Simply insert an MP3 (.mp3) audio file into the SSBC/music/(stage name) folder. The audio file will play at the stage that corresponds to the folder you inserted it in (obviously). The game will display the name of the file - without the extension - at the beginning of a match. You can insert multiple files, and they will be selected randomly during gameplay.

Latest Blog

Super Smas Bros. Crusade Version 0.9 Released

After 2 years of development, the long awaited SSBC version 0.9 is finally here!!! Packed with 60+ characters! 24 stages! Online mode! Training mode! and a ton of extra features, this demo sets a new standard of quality for the upcoming updated. Head to the downloads section to get it!!!

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By the controllers I meant; Configure buttons one by one just like the other fighting games ^.^

Also, yes, we are trying to decide what to do with it, personally i dont have much of a problem becausei am a Hisoutensoku player (Touhou 12.3) and the method is similar, but i am gonna tell the bosses about it.
This is A great Fighting game! Since this is still in Beta I hane A few suggestions for it, Some are fan-favoritism other stuff is just... Well, Stuff!

-I Don't Like the Hue Palate swapping with link, It would be awesome is you could make some Actual alt Colors for him like you did with Toon link
-Speaking of toon link why is he not a Alt form of link?(Eg. like Wegeee is to Luigi) If your concern is an empty slot then I ave a solution...
-Add zelda! She is an awesome fighter and even has a potential Alt form!
-Eventually, Please add "Classic mode" I Don't like local Multilayer on a computer and facing all the fighters, the beating Master Hand is a Core part of Smash bros.
-PLEASE! Instead of making Esc auto end the game make it something like Shift+Esc I play a lot of SMBX And Esc is the pause button I'm used.A lot of times playing this I push it to pause, but it closes the darn window!
- When Playing with all the sonic Characters on Green hill zone(Not sure if it happens on other stages) The game lags to the point where the only option is to shut it off
-Some stages like Exicitebike have no texture, are they just like that for me?

And that is about it for this mini-review,I'll save the real one for Full-Release!

EDIT: Also 110% agree with controller support!
How did you edit it after you entered the info? Please show me a video or atleast reply!
bros team, need help, i can't download the game and im going crazy cause, y admire the gameplay of any smash and thats not all, i can't play any smash upper than ssb64 and this is a brand new challange for me and my friends
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