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Game Maker is a drag-and-drop game creation engine with a built-in scripting language for full flexibility in game design. Because of its broad and general nature, Game Maker can be used to produce a great variety of game types such as platformers, first person shooters, puzzle games, strategy games, arcade games or even RPGs.

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I REALLY, want to get GameMaker. This sounds about right for me. EasyRPG I think would also be fine.
As someone who has this product (Studio pro edition with html5 addon) I love it. It's not perfect mind you, but it is a robust, easy to use tool for prototyping and there are plenty of successful games out there that were either made completely in game maker or had their start in it. The cost is a bit prohibitive but they have regular sales. Good luck fellow devs and remain awesome!
is the fre version just a trial, or what? i really want to use this engine, but i can't make a game in 30 days and i don't have to money for it.
And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
I've got game maker Studio: Professional + all exports and I love it so far :D
The most beautiful user on RMN!

Hey, they came out with Game Maker 2 now.
GMS2 2.1 has recently been released, every console platform is available or coming soon in case of the Nintendo Switch. Great option, GML is pretty sweet but it's very forgiving so learn to use regions and proper syntax and you'll be fine.

The new room editor is nirvana! The old 1.4 room editor which basically stayed the same since immemorial which did add tilesets (but was just a paid in the arse imho) and even preferred the RPG Maker map editor which since VX has basically been crap!

You can do proper tile collisions with code and collision layer however I find it impractical if you start introducing half tiles, triangular tiles, etc. And o_solid_p and your collision shape object is all you need.
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