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Two Days and Two Nights

New Eden Gate Gameplay Trailer is up! Check the front page to see it, thanks.

-Lotus Games

Progress Report

1-8-2011 New media Posted.

I've been working hard on Eden Gate and a lot of progress has been made. Check out the new images to see how the game has progressed for yourself! I was initially planning on releasing a demo by the end of January but it looks like that will have to be postponed. I thought I had finished all the fundamentals for the game 2 months ago but I realized as time went on that I wanted to add much much more. So I am 90% finished with the backbone of the game now but that still leaves a lot to be desired in terms of play through time. In the two months I have added several new features. Here are some to list a few:

-Pet system. You can buy pets and have them follow you around and pick up dropped treasure chests for you. Total pets you can purchase now pass roughly 16 with 4 varieties thus far.

-Ocarina. You can now obtain an ocarina and play up to 15 songs. Song effects are all complete and range from summoning songs to songs that affect weather and time of day.

Lamp. You can now purchase a lamp to lighten dark inner rooms.

Special Attacks. The hero can now perform various special attacks with elemental damages. There are over 10 types (NOT including) 3 ability types and even attacks that call forth powerful spirits within a weapon.

-Those are a few new features I have been working on in the last month or so now many more are in the works and many have already been completed. Aside from hinting at some of these features, I have also worked to smooth out the coding to provide a more bug-free experience.

Hope you enjoyed the read and are looking forward to future updates for Eden Gate! Thanks =]

Progress Report

New Media Up!

I just added five new images showing off some of the custom systems and mini games from the game. Please look forward to more updates in the following weeks!

Update: Captions have also been added to the images to give you a better sense of what to expect in the world of Eden Gate, please enjoy.
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