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A shocking story full of murdering and devastation. Takes place in the future after World War 3, at the dawn of a new war.
By this time, most of human technology is destroyed, Earth's population has greatly diminished, and the planet's continets have been moved due to massive converging/diverging plates within the Earth's crust.
The game's hero, Garf, is a mercenary paid hansomly by the queen to assassinate various nobels, generals, ect. Later, Garf aquires higher status in the kingdom and has a much bigger roll in the war.

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  • 01/10/2008 11:08 PM
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Looks like a pretty cool game, and I'm guessing it's your first. It looks pretty good, but I have spotted some mapping problems with the canyon. I'm not personally going to download it right now, but nice job.
Was just wondering if you had meant to call this game PSYCHO, because I think PYSCHO would be pronounced like "piss-ko". Just curious.
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