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I bet you're wondering "What the heck is this?". Well, it's a long story, so I'll shorten it for you. Basically, I wanted a chance to test some ideas and get some experience before I started a major project. This is the end result. It's called 'The Game' Demo because the current project I was working on I had not thought of a name for it yet, and was just referring to it as 'The Game'. In a way, this is actually a gameplay demo for 'The Game', and it has taught me a lot about what works and what doesn't.

Really, I made this game for myself. I'm posting it on here so I can get other people's feedback beside my friends who have played it. So please, play it and post any comments you have here. It's really short and should take you only about 10 minutes.

BTW, 'The Game' has been canceled since I lost my flashdrive I had it on, gave up all hope I had in finding it or making a game in general, came up with a new project idea and started working on it, and then found that flashdrive.


The story really wasn't my focus when developing this game, as I was experimenting with some gameplay stuff, so the story is kind of lacking. You, the Hero, find yourself in a room. You have absolutely no idea how you got there, but apparently you must defeat three challenges to escape.


Enemy encounters in outdoor areas while transport you to a battle arena, and once you defeat all the enemies or successfully escape with R, you will be transported back to the map. Enemies in indoor areas, however, are on the map. I'm still questioning this setup, and I'd definitely like your feedback on this system. Should it be as it is, only random encounters, or all enemies on the map?


The Hero
Name: Insert Your Name Here
Age: Insert Your Age Here
Weapon: Sword
Bio: The Hero is you. He was born in whatever town you were born in, went to school wherever you went to school, and is now currently reading these words. He has absolutely no idea where he is but how he got there isn't important anyway.

The Girl
Name: Who knows?
Age: Good question
Weapon: Bow
Bio: A girl you meet midway through the demo. You have no idea where she came from, and she won't tell you her name.


They aren't covered in-game, so I'll list them here. Their basically the default BABS controls with a few changes.

(click to show/hide)
Movement: WASD or the arrow keys
Action/Confirm Key: H or Spacebar
Cancel: F
Attack: K
Defend: L
Change Character: O
HUD On/Off: Z
Hotkey On/Off: X
Minimap On/Off: C
Turn in place: U
Escape (When in Battle Arena): R

The run, jump, and sneak buttons are disabled. The game uses direct hotkeys, which aren't even really needed cause there are no skills and only a few items.


(click to show/hide)
BABS 2.84: Blizzard, Winkio
Battle Dome: Nathmatt
Bestiary: Blizzard
Bestiary Plugin: Game_Guy
Resource Tester: Blizzard
How to Add Bestiary to Menu: Blizzard
Sword: Dwellercoc
Blue Shield: EmilyAnnCoons
Water Projectile: Kagutsuchi
Spore Projectile: JellaFerd
Triple Flame projectile: Game_guy
Blizzard Sprite: Boba Fett Link, Blizzard

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Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
But what about the sprite!?

More serious comment: Things have been pretty hectic/stressful this month, but I may choose to give this a quick go.
But what about the sprite!?

What sprite?
Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
But what about the sprite!?
What sprite?

It's an attempt at humor with a reference to Secret of Mana. Guess it failed?
Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
Played this game a bit. I was a tad confused with the some of the controls (I couldn't look them up, as my internet connection was down at the time), but I eventually figured it out. The CHALLENGES OF DOOM (cue dramatic chord) were an okay enough tutorial, if a bit silly. Which is fine!

As you note, the way encounters work is inconsistent at best. I won't tell you which system you should use (nor should anyone else really), but I definitely think you should choose one system, and be consistent about what system you're using throughout the game. Now, I could say that the all-enemies-on-screen system works best for this kind of game, but the random encounter system might be interesting. It might be even more interesting if players had some say in how often random encounters happen right off the bat, rather than needing to obtain an artifact that can be found on the deepest level of the hardest optional dungeon, or what-have-you.
I've already decided that the random encounters for an action game were more frustrating than fun, so I'm going to abandon it.

Thanks for playing my game and giving me feedback!

(BTW, I'm gonna download Secret of Mana from the Virtual Console on my Wii so I can get your reference...)

Edit: I get your reference now.
Honestly, I thought real-time random encounters were quite unique & pretty cool; better then the regular room battles (especially given their respawn). There could've been more improvements, sure, but now I do wish for a full game with a similar system, even though I usually dislike real-time combat in RM.
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