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Japan. One of the most highly advanced and technological country in the world, has grown and flourished throughout the century. From the smallest achievements to the largest, Japan stand out as one of the best in terms of modernization. Just name it, and Japan will show you what you wanted. Japan's change in the course of history has been set by the hardwork of everyone who stood and fought for it eons ago.

But everything has a price ....

Meet the young, klutz and delinquent-like Protagonist of the story. After growing up with just having his sole cousin Kizukami Shiori, loving Grandparents, and a dark, mysterious family background, the Protagonist has just lived being an ordinary high school student at Tokyo, letting the flow of time place him to where he must be.

But after having a strange day of meeting a woman named Ruukia Kaede, possessing a card called " Amaterasu ", and the coming of a sudden transfer student on the same class, the Protagonist will be placed in different choices and decisions that will put everyone and himself in either danger, salvation, or even death ....

Guide the Protagonist through his journey withing 6 days as you guide him in uncovering the truth about his own identity, his connection to "Izanagi', and the mystery of the "Eternal Darkness" .... while trying to maintain perfect school exams and his social life in check.

And Now, Let The Memory Escape....

Features :

Enu Tankentai SBS with Gravity Corp. Enemy Sprites.

The battle system used in this game is the Atoa Conversion of Enu's SBS. Though it supports animated battlers using character graphics, I decided to use none animated battlers and so I used Gravity Corps Ragnarok Online Monster Sprites. Though I'm still having a second thought about changing to Atoa's CBS.

Card Battle/Summon System.

Another add-on to the battle system is the Card Summon/Skill System. In Six Year Sakura : Forgotten Memories, the player has the option to collect 150 Cards that shows graphics of different Dieties, mostly from Shinto Religion. So if you don't know Shinto, I suggest you start reading wikipedia, or google it or something. If the player equipped cards, the equipped character will gain a special skill ( like a Limit or Overdrive ) that can be used after a set of turns. Also, the said character will gain skills or spells that is in-line with the affinity of the said card (e.g Amaterasu, Goddess of Sky And Sun when equipped gains the player the skills of Light to Light3 and some complement skills), the system will be further improved.

School Simulation System

Six Year Sakura : Forgotten Memories includes a school simulation system in which the player can achieve points by doing certain tasks that includes curricular, extra-curricular, or story-related tasks.

NPC Relation System.

In addition, a given time is allotted to the player to explore to game thoroughly. During the free time, the player can talk to NPCs as well as PCs found in-game and improve relationships with NPCs and PCs.

Calendar System.

Another addition, the game features a calendar system in which the game's length is determined. The game show certain events on a said day like an unexpected ending or a side quest completion or a story related events.

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