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Daímon Apokálypsis is a turn based rpg that has a large world map that will give the user plenty of game-time. The game offers a excellent story line about a world that is being enslaved by demons from the underworld.
You play as Tripp (the main character) as he awakens with no memory of where he is and finds himself in the middle of a town overrun by demons. He meets a few characters in this demo (Slade and Abby) and they find themselves fighting against the demon forces to bring peace back to their world.

Progress. Full Game is 60% complete (updated 2/5/2012) This demo is 100% complete.
**This is a New demo of the first Chapter with new Tile sets and improved game play.
Final version release - late Feb. early March

Thank you for playing.

Also if anyone wants to help me in the design on this game send me a message.

is a paladin with mostly physical attacks and some elemental attacks. He is the main character and his ability's start off slow but progress throughout the game. weapons used: any sword and has the ability to hold a shield.

Is a priest who you meet in the begging of the game with mostly magic attacks and
healing ability's. She is a big asset to the game. Weapons used : Club, Staff

A lone wanderer who you find towards the end of the Demo. Slade is a Warrior who
has mostly physical attacks. weapons used: Spear

A magician who you find in the city of Flintwood. Zoey specializes in all Magic attacks. Weapons used Staff

Gameplay Video link: http://screencast.com/t/je4mbndP
Quality sucks.. sorry

Latest Blog

New Demo!

I made a new Demo with new tilesets and fixed glitches. I would really like to have
some people give me more feedback before i continue to complete the game so i can know what people like or dislike about the game. please check out my demo and hit me up with some feedback :)

  • Production
  • WreckShoptimus
  • RPG Maker VX
  • Adventure RPG
  • 01/10/2012 10:42 PM
  • 01/02/2019 04:54 PM
  • 03/01/2012
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Very good job considering this is your first RPG. The games story is a little shaky and the game needs some tuning. I read in your description that you will tune the game after feedback. I definitely enjoyed it! I cant wait to see it redone and finished!
Thanks for the feedback man. ive been looking forward to getting some. I will take the story line and game play into consideration when remastering the first and last chapters.
thanks again

P.S. I also forgot to change the name of the game on the title screen. It was originally named Mid-evil Apokálypsis then i changed it because i thought that sounded stupid hahaha.
well, I'm disappointed - finished the demo and wanted more !! You better finish soon or I'll just stay and keep leveling up and beat it quickly when you do finish it - HA!! Great goin - so far !!
haha glad you liked it. Im completely redoing the game from start to finish. So it has better tile-sets etc. Sorry to say but you might have to start over :/
Legs are a burden. Return to snek.
I'll test your game!
I'll help design also.

P.S. Cool pic!
ok cool hit me up when your done. I could use some help with tilesets. are you any good with those?
Legs are a burden. Return to snek.
ok cool hit me up when your done. I could use some help with tilesets. are you any good with those?

Sorry I can't test your game actually. My computer only runs 2003 RPG Maker.
About tilesets though, it depends on what you want. I never made any.
Sorry again!
Great demo so far! I can`t judge as far as technical things, but as a player, cool game! I am having a problem. I hate to ask for spoilers, but, I accidently went back to Abby`s home town and can`t leave until I find her mother. I can`t enter her home, leave the town or exit the forest. Any tip would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Also, subscribed. =)
thats strange.. did you already talk to Abby's mother once? As in when shes dying in her burning home.
inbox me Elfen1 and ill try to help you out
Thank you for the info, Wreck. Deleted and am re-downloading. =)
A bug has crept in right at the beginning. When you give the missing dog to the boy at the entrance to the woods, he goes away. However, if you leave the screen (into a house or down into the woods) and return, he is back in place - with no dialogue - and you can't get past him either into or out of the woods. Game stopper.
damn.. that sucks because the game gets good after that. alright thanks ill fix it.
If you saved before doing this you can still pass him and continue on. Just bring the dog to the boy and go straight into the woods and find Abby
You might also want to look at the save issue. The save crystal in the village has gone when you return; fair enough I suppose. However, you can't save on the world map, and I thought I'd read in your tutorial section that one could. There also isn't a save crystal in Barter Town further north and this isn't one of those games where the inn offers to save your game. So what is one supposed to do?

I will be sending you a pm with a few other things you might want to look at, but they are not as urgent as not being able to save anywhere.
appreciate it guys! ill be putting some time in to fix everything soon! I always enjoy feedback
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
2.5 years was this finished? o.o
my suggestion is worry about feedback when a project is finished
alot of people wont play something until then as theres no guarantee it wont just be canceled since it happens so often and that the updates may take a while at which point they may want to replay the game because they forgot what was going on or something

i personally have alot of games on rpg m alone ignoring other consoles and pc and anime
so im sure its the same with other people
the key aspect of making a game imo is not what other people think(outside grammar at least)
but how much you enjoy and want to do it

and alot of new game creators make the same mistake,not having back up!
never start a project without a usb stick,external harddrive or online storage!

Playing the game
Major Bug

the kid at the south east exit respawns need to avoid this,you cant interact with him again

^seems replaying triggers is a common factor in this

After finishing demo

Random Thoughts

glad you put your user name in the read me i could not find the thread because the name is different! and i forgot to sub :/

i get pretty irritated when i hear songs from the ff series especially 7 which has been overused so much i went from a fan to nearly hating the game over it :/

want to play as a female character :/ dam...

some seriously terrible dialog here lol...
"This is you only AND final warning"
i mean did you need to say the same thing twice!?

those thunder effects were awesome tho

but to be listening to such a long story ina burning house? lack of oxygen not apply!?

cant even save on the world map!? not enough saves!

the writing is so bogus lol..."you must be abby!"
wth how and why does he know about that?
why is he making fun of her?
just to random!

i liked the tournament

the mapping thus far was overall good

no sprint but we get a freaking horse! :D

Zoey is under lvled! why start at lvl 5!? dmg non xp shared games!

extremely surprised the guards just let you go past them XD ya know that's kind of there purpose is to fight for civilians o.o

good ability's for characters

whats with the stupid amount of demon priests!? this is ridiculous!

b4 the dragon fight Exist is wrong

ending a demo right after a hard fight and no saving!? wth!?

Good turn based battle system thats simple to understand
good mapping for the most part
each character is useful

Demon priest room
lack of ability to grind for xp/money/heal/shop/saving when its needed
could use improved grammar and writing in some areas
plots cliche as it gets
male mc
does not support global xp
games not finished
the use of the horse
cant sprint
fetch quests to prolong game

Dont recommend this at all
Except at the very beginning, there is no save point and you can not save anywhere.
Try to fix these big issues.
Short Demo. Quite challenging difficulty. Some nicely hidden loot. Unfortunately there are some glaring problems in this game for me.
1. No dashing - Dashing was disabled for the entire game. Your only able to go faster with a horse that can only be used within the confines of a single town.
2. Generator dungeons - They make for boring cramped mazes with little room to maneuver, especially when there are deadly firestorm priests running around
3. Bosses can randomly crit and instakill someone: this would be alright when the archer girl learned revive, but it happened to me on the first boss and that was a bit annoying. (Shoulda used a revive item perhaps, but managed to get by without him)
4. There is no save point between the town and the final dungeon of the demo (except at the end of the dungeon.) That is a long way and I died and had to go all the way back. The final dungeon also doesn't let you leave and nothing in the game warned me about it.
5. A switch that caused death to spawn into my face, that was fun (the reason I died btw)
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