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Touhou Fantasy Let's Play Episode #56: Cave to Pandaemonium

  • Xenomic
  • 09/07/2013 08:23 PM

In today's episode, we head onwards to Pandaemonium and start beta5! Beta5 is NOT fixed up at all really, so it's still all a rough draft on how much damage and how strong enemies are in general, in addition to dungeon layouts kinda.


You shouldn't see any of these enemies, seeing as the rooms are small enough to get through without them.

Wild Bat: Focuses on physical, status-inflicting attacks. Can drop Remilia's Vampire Fang crafting item if needed.

Devil's Gaze: Mostly deals with Shadow-elemental attacks and Instant Death/Petrify. Not the world's hardest enemy though.

Epitaph: A dummied enemy that is meant to summon other enemies, namely the Cleansed Mirrors for Remilia, Yuuka, and Marisa. Whether or not he'll stick around is another question entirely.


Iron Golem: Getting this guy to show up, as spoken of in the video, can be a pain as you have to randomly find him in key rooms in the first half of the dungeon. It's best to enter and exit the first room until he appears as shown in the video. In any case, Iron Golem is physically resistant, but weak to Thunder and Magic, making Marisa ridiculously good against him. He does use strong AoE attacks such as Wave Cannon, Point Flare, and Prism Beam, but he should go down quickly enough that those don't pose too much of a problem.

Asura: Those who have played or at the very least watched ChefMKT's playthrough of Genius of Sapphieros will know this guy, or even those that's played Seiken Densetsu (as I believe he's originally from there). In any case, this guy is a magic user, so magic attacks are a no-go against him. He can use various elemental spells that can inflict statuses (the ones to watch out for are Stalagmite as it can inflict Petrify, and Negative Gate as it can inflict Instant Death), as well as heal with Curaga and use Level 5 Death. Do steal the Maelstrom Scroll Lv2; even if Byakuren has learned the skill, it can sell for decent money.

Shadow Dancer: Fans of the Tales of series will recognize this guy easily. He's the complete opposite of Asura, being a pure physical attacker, so physical attacks mean jack all to him. All of his attacks are elemental based and can inflict statuses as well, in addition to him using the powerful Darkness ability, which acts similarly to Remilia's Souleater, and Cleave ability. Do steal the Zanmato Scroll from the boss, as it's an invaluable weapon in Advent Cirno's arsenal.

Pandaemonium Warden: You fight two of these guys at the end of the dungeon. While they have considerably low HP for bosses at this point in the game, they come with powerful and dangerous abilities, such as Time-Space Vorpal to reduce MP and Shockwave to inflict major damage to the party. To make matters worse, they have access to Rikako's Antimatter Cannon, which will kill whoever it manages to hit AND absorb their HP. Physical attacks aren't as good against them, so stick with magic. They are also weak to Thunder-elemental attacks, so Marisa and Koishi (if she manages to have Lightning Orb or Judgment Bolt) are both prime fighters in this fight. Or just use Yuuka and Dual Spark everything ever.