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Jason is a boy from Eastrbook (A typical suburb) who is in his early teens. He is bold and mischevious however he can be rather cunning at times as well. He is constantly trying to agitate people to get a good laugh which causes him to be disliked by quite a lot of the other characters in Chaos Divine. His combination of intelligence and sophomoric behavior causes him to be rather ignorant at times however it also make him one of the most relatable characters in the fire chapter.The entire fire chapter, most of the time, centers around Jasons perspective. It is shown in the beginning of the game that Jason has secluded himself in his house for months, (most likely more then a year) mainly relying on the crates of food he keeps in the basment for survival. Overall Jason's story is the central point of the fire chapter.


Austin is a grey wolf that was born in the wild who adapted to the lifestyle of a human and was integrated into society by other humans. He made his home in Eastbrook and is Jason's closest friend. He is incredibly exuberant and at times can be very dimwitted, although at the same time he is observant and vigilant. This combination comes from insticts and the slightly clueless mind of a young animal as well as the typical behavior of a teenage boy. He is the first of the three main fire chapter protagonists to try to fight against the Hallowed Legion. His main role in the story is to create a link between the other two fire chapter protagonists and act as more of a neutral party and mediator in most situations.


John is a 16 year old wanderer who meets up with the duo of Jason and Austin in the town of Villecite. When he is first introduced his is seen chasing a run away arsonist who ultimately manages to escape him. From there he talks with Jason and Austin and decides that he wants to fight the Hallowed Legion along side them. Although in a way he is mysetrious to the other two protagonists, he very quickly becomes friends with them. He is very calm in most situations and almost never becomes angry. During the course of the story his is mainly shrouded in mystery though it is heavily implied that he has had tragic experiences in the past.


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My mind is full of fuck.
Very nice, lol thought John was a girl.
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