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“Fragile Hearts: Irritatingly Indecent Ignorance” is the official title.
Or "Indecently Ignorant Irritation".
...Or... "Ignorantly Irritating Indecency." You decide.

This game is a direct sequel to Fragile Hearts 1 and 2, and players will be able to carry over their saved games from FH2 for special character appearances and optional storylines. Sprites, environments, and battles will again be visually more appealing. 8 new episodes tell the complete tale of Fragile Hearts III.

After years of strained relations, and in an odd twist of fate, the forces of heaven have declared war with the armies of the underworld. The head angels are calling it a pre-emptive strike, and they have targeted the world of mortals as being part of a so-called “Axis of Ignorance”. What does this mean? Well, things aren’t looking too bright for good old mankind.

Playing as either Bart or Paddy, (determined at the beginning of the game or via savestates from FH2) it is your duty to try and fix this incredible mess. Should you join forces with the underworld? Prove that mortals are not a part of the “axis”? Create a gorilla army of their own and royally screw anyone who poses a threat to the world? You get to choose in this crazy final instalment to the Fragile Hearts comedic trilogy!

Bart- A male witch with low self-esteem and major identity issues.
Paddy- A rough-neck tomboy bent on becoming the strongest warrior known to man.
All party members from the previous games will return, unless you allowed them to die… in which case, you’re a jerk, and you don’t deserve to play this miracle of art.

-FH:III will include the first and second games in their entirety. Save files from FH1&2 can be carried over.
-Differing story routes determine who your main protagonist is, who lives on from previous games, whether you will fight for good or evil, which species Gulliver has become, and how much power and influence you have in your world.
-Revamped Battle system
-Tools system
-New graphics and portraits

Latest Blog

Buckle Up!

Okay, so it's been a loooong time since I've worked on this. When faced with the idea of cancelling it, however, I just can't. So, now that I've completed the Mafiosi trilogy, it's time to focus on this again. It's been almost four years since Fragile Hearts 2 was released, but I suppose it's somewhat suitable because this game takes place a good 20 or so years after it.

In the near future, I'm going to replay the first two games with my room mate and we'll once again tackle a new set of bugs for when this third game gets released. Putting together the rest of the resources is going to be hell, but I've put it off long enough.

Let's do this!
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Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
This is one hell of hiatus :(

Don't tell me this is going to be another unfinished game :(

Please don't me go up to Canada to beg for the FH3 :)
lol don't worry, I've started working on it again :)
Just curious to know how the work is coming on FH3.
Unfortunately, quite slowly atm. I've been working 10-11 hour days mostly, so any time I've spent on it has been city building and the like. I'll have a blog update in the near future concerning what's been done. :)
Someone made a tvtropes page for FH! I swear, whoever did so knows these games vetter than I do lol.


Okay, time to get back in the saddle and make this stupid game. Mafiosi 3 is almost finished, so time to start preparing!
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