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Whispers of Eternity v1.02 - Alpha Testing video: UPDATED: 03/27/12



In the town of Korin, a mysterious and deadly illness has befallen the children, and no one knows the cause. At the nearby Guardian shrine, a man suddenly appears, though he cannot remember his past, or even his name. In the deepest and darkest corners of Erythia, something begins to stir...


Lyson: - Is there a reason why I can't remember anything? - The last thing, or rather the first, that Lyson can remember is waking up at the Guardian shrine. Everything else is a complete blank. Where did he come from? Where was he going? He remembers nothing. As fate would have it, he is discovered at the Guardian shrine by Elania, a local Wisdom's apprentice. She recommends that he follow her back to town, in hopes someone there can help shed some light on his situation.

Elania: - My only goal is to someday be a strong as my sister - When the children of Korin began to fall ill, the town's Wisdom called for her apprentice, Elania, to head to the Guardian shrine in search of herbs and flora to ease their suffering. Along the way, she has a fateful encounter with Lyson, a man with an identity crisis. He decides to join her back to Korin in search of answers.

Raelan: - Never again will I fail to protect those I hold dear - A few years ago, a terrible tragedy resulted in the death of someone very close to Raelan's heart. Blaming it all on himself, he vowed to learn how to protect his friends and family, and subsequently joined the Korin Defence Force. He is a childhood friend of Elania, and was angered when she left to go to the Guardian shrine alone.

Gameplay Features

Painstakingly hand-crafted Parallax Mapping. Never before has Erythia looked this good!

Custom Battle System implementing scripts created by some of your most beloved RPG Maker Ace scriptors!
Strategy plays a huge role in combat - blindly reapeating Attack could end up costing you dearly.
Take advantage of the Skill Combo + Skill Charging system to exploit enemy weaknesses and turn the tide of battle to your favor.
Visually pleasing thank's to Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine + Victor's Animated Battles - each attack, skill, and magic has been uniquely customized for WoE.
(Not completely implemented) Time powerful Area of Effect attacks when enemies have moved into a vunerable position. Or use the Taunt ability to have them surround you, and take the guess work out of it!

Not strategic enough for you yet? Customize your party member's equipment and abilities with additional bonuses in order to get that extra edge with the Crystsphere system!
Credit Kread-Ex for his Grathnode and Runic Equipment scripts.

And introducing Challenge Mode. Standard battle strategy not cutting it for you? Need that extra challenge? In Challenge Mode, you can return to previously beaten areas and activate the Challenge Cryst, resetting the dungeon and imposing various challenging limitations; such as Skill Block, Magic Block, Item Block, Level Restriction, and much more!

Want to see more?!?!

Whispers of Eternity is the culmination of many years of RPG Maker experience. I've been around for every iteration of RPG Maker since RPG Maker 2000, and with each release I've grown more and more as a game designer.
That being said, crafting a professional looking game is more than just a hobby; it becomes almost like a job. It takes time, effort, and a lot of frustration - but with dedication, the end result is worth it.
However - in order to achieve the quality of game that I hope Whispers of Eternity can be, I won't be able to do it alone. This section of the topic is reserved for recruitment purposes. If I can even find dedicated people for even half of what I'm looking for in the following section, we'll be off to a great start!

What I Need

Experienced Parallax Mapper - Parallax Mapping is not easy. It's very time consuming for just the tiniest of maps. It takes hours to complete a presentable map, and even longer to make a professional quality one. Mapping alone would exponentially increase the time that Whispers of Eternity would be in development. Ideally, I would like to find at least two other experienced parallax mappers to assist with town/dungeon/world design. I'd like to have people who can at least match the quality of maps that you see in the screenshot above, if not better. I realize this is not a light request: mapping for Whispers of Eternity would be a very time consuming experience. Luckily there's no deadline, so maps won't have to be rushed. If you are experienced, have the time, and are interested, please let me know in the reply section below.

Custom Spriter - The sprites used in the screenshots and video are merely placeholders. My goal is to have completely custom sprites for WoE. Due to the use of Victor's Animated Battlers, I require the use of sprites that follow the Kaduki format. That's not to say that they have to be in Kaduki art style, just follow the pose format. PC sprites and important NPC sprites need to have graphics for all the kaduki poses. Standard NPCs and unimportant characters just need to have a walking graphic set. If you are experienced, have the time, and are interested, please let me know in the reply section below.

Battle Design/Battle Planner - Through the use of Victor's Animated Battlers, a whole new door to battle design is available to use, and I want to exploit it to it's fullest potential. As seen in the video and screenshots above, each attack/skill/magic battle animation will be unique to WoE. Combine this with the elements of skill combinations and skill charging, battles can have a very stimulating stretegic element. But I'm only one man. I'll need someone to help come up with ideas for skills, skill combinations and how to make them strategic for battles. My goal is to have a battle system that is fun and stimulating, and doesn't just require pressing enter over and over. In addition to that, I need someone to help with the basic programming of how the battlers move in relation to the ability used. Using Kaduki's spritesets I've been able to make some convincing moves, but like parallax mapping this requires a lot of time and patience. Having another person help with this would speed things up significantly. If you are experienced, have the time, and are interested, please let me know in the reply section below.

Character Designer/Graphic Artist - What good is having custom sprites if you don't have a faceset or character graphic to match it. Here I would need someone to design character art based on suggestions and ideas that I have. There would need to be a full-body shot and a faceset for each character. In addition to the above, I also need someone who excels at title design. The title graphic at the top of the page was done by me in less than 10 minutes, but it suffices for now. I'd like to have a new title design, though. If you are experienced, have the time, and are interested, please let me know in the reply section below.

Music Composer - Anyone worth their salt knows that the best way to set the mood is through music. And anyone who's even briefly looked through the default RPG Maker music knows that the RTP provides a very limited selection. Here I would need someone who can compose music fitting for the mood of a scene, the mood of a map, etc. etc. Out of all the areas mentioned so far, this is the only area in which I have absolutely zero skill. (Well, I can play a guitar...barely..>.>) If you are experienced, have the time, and are interested, please let me know in the reply section below.

Out of all the RPG Maker engines released over the past couple of years, Enterbrain has finally seen fit to give us their most powerful engine to date. I've only briefly begun to dabble in it, but it's quite clear that they've put a lot forward at our disposal. This is an opportunity that should be taken full advantage of, and I intend to do just that. It has taken many years, but RPG Maker has finally reached a point in which professional quality games can be made. Don't be fooled, however. The ideas that I plan to put forth, and the standard of quality I look for in my projects will make Whispers of Eternity quite the endeavor. But...oh my god...the pay-off would be so totally worth it.

And that's it for my post (and shameless recruitment plug). Hopefully I've made my point clear, and you can see how dedicated I am to this project. If you're looking for a project to be just as dedicated to, as well, there's no better time than now. Whether you have years of experience, or just starting out, let me know how you'd be interesting in helping, and let me know what your RPG Maker strengths and weaknesses are! Hope to see you all in Erythia soon!


EDIT : Including a list of used scripts in order to give proper credit

Many of Yanfly's scripts, including, but not limited to: Yanfly's Ace Core Module, Yanfly's Ace Battle Engine, Yanfly's Ace Message System, Yanfly's Ace Menu System, plus the many add-ons that come with each.
Victor Sant's Core Engine, Victor Sant's Animated Battlers, Victor Sant's Actor Battlers, Victor Sant's Fixed Parallax
Kread_Ex's Grathnodes, Kread_Ex's Runic Equipment
Kread_Ex's Skill Fusion
Yami's Charging Attack

A huge thank you to the above mentioned scripters, without which Whispers of Eternity would never be possible (or it would at least be an entirely different beast altogether. Thank you for the countless hours I'm sure you've slaved away looking at lines and lines of coding. I don't know if you're aware of how grateful the community is for your contributions, but at least I can show you how grateful I am.


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I would like to give this game a try :P
This looks beautiful! Subbed~ ;)
If you are still working on this I can help with writing story/characters and testing, but I have no programing skills.
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