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While ruminating on your exciting, adventure-filled past, one day you receive a letter. It is a plea for help from an old friend, and you both know his request is anything but simple.

He has fallen deep into debt and is now in danger of losing his most precious possession - his museum. Not one to ignore a friend in need, you set out for Guild Hall to begin an adventure of a different sort.

In Adventure Ace, you command a crew of hired adventurers to seek out fame and fortune so that you can rebuild a fantastic museum. The game is menu-based and operates mainly from the Guild Hall. From there you can hire workers at the Afternoon Club, send them on missions, and display your hoard of treaures gathered from across the globe.

This is an entry for the Nugget Crash Course contest. The build released won't have 100% of the features planned for the final version, but we hope you have fun with it all the same!

Latest Blog

Undefined Hiatus

Hey folks. I thought I'd let you know that the future of this project seems somewhat grim at the moment.

I have really wanted to complete this game and during this summer I did create a lot more new content for it, as did all the other members in our team, but in the past few months most of us haven't had a chance to do much more for the project.

I am not going to be able to finish the game unless I can get a new coder who can understand all of Psy's work so far (which he deems unlikely), or unless I can get him back to work with me. I can't say that I would've had too much free time in my hands either, though.

I would love to see this game complete, however. There's a solid goal what the game should be, and a lot of effort and good work has been put in it already. It would probably require a month's worth of work (or two) to fix up the current issues, sort out the missing features and add the required amount of new content to call it complete - right now we just don't seem to have that.

So, the game is on hiatus for now, but I won't call it cancelled yet, because I don't want put the work gone into it in waste.

I still can't really say whether this game will ever get completed or not.


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This is game fun! Feels like "Tradewind Legends" >3<

Edit: Just finished this game. Heh loved the "Foo Ling" thing. Well, puns is a must in this kind of game. :D And aww I'm just an Adventurer Bum! :(
My adventure is on hiatus! oh noes!
Devil's in the details
our adventurers have gone temporary missing! I expect the progress to kick off once we've got the crew together again.
Hiatus? NOOOOOOOooooooooooo........*gasp* OOoooooooooo......
My mind is full of fuck.
You come back here adventure!

What's a-happening
I've been meaning to get back in contact with Happy, but have been quite busy! Once things settle down, I'd like to work on this again.
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
not sure how interesting the concept is but ill try it
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
was a interesting experience,not among my favorite type of games but was still quite interesting did not feel like VX game at all lol
the original sinn
WOW. Just. Gonna play this too!
Is this basically Renowned Explorers: International Society?
Yes but with a $0 budget and 2 weeks of development time
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