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Submitted for the Nugget Crash Course competition

Damon has a wish. A great wish.
He decides it's time to scale the tower, rumoured to be cursed, so he can have his heart's greatest desire granted.
He brings his girlfriend Marley and, if you choose, his childhood friend Lex with him.
Whether Lex joins you or not is your choice, and this choice affects how the game pans out. You get the same ending, but things lead up to it in a different order.

Embark on this amazing journey and watch Damon make the biggest decision of his life.

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Looks interesting. I shall check it out. :)
Brilliant! I get so happy when people play my games :3
That's what the games are here for. :)
My game is pending right now I think. If you want to check
it out sometime, go ahead. I hope you will like it.
Yeah sure. I might have to make it so only judges can play this for the Nugget Crash Course competition.
Man, this was a waste of time and space. Sorry.
Can you make an alternate download without the RTP?
Because God, 300 mb with only RTP files on it is...yeah.
Agreed, lol though I don't mind the size of the files personally. :3 Overall, it looks pretty decent from the screenshots so I'll try this out. :D
You the practice of self-promotion
Can you make an alternate download without the RTP?
Because God, 300 mb with only RTP files on it is...yeah.

... what she said. All the other entries in the contest didn't include include the RTP and managed to keep their filesizes well under 70 mb. Regardless, I do plan to play the game, eventually, but only until I can download the file for it. Currently, that would make it the last one I would try from the contest.
Ok, new link with the non-RTP compressed version. I can't get it any smaller than this (#innuendo)

i downloaded it and said there was a threat in it

Really? That's odd. It was absolutely fine when I put it up...
Just got bad ending :( I hate you! By the way 200 gold is really cheap for stat up items, in last floors my stats were like 700 ATK, any critic attack one shots bosses :P
I'm currently fixing everything wrong with the game,so the full release will have better story telling and will be more challenging.
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