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Progress Report

Finally! A new demo!

I'm BACK!!!
After a couple months of absence, I finally found time to work on my game, and hope you all enjoy the changes and updates made!
-Marks added!
-Mark system functioning in Arrayos and Crest City
-Skills revamped!
-Added unique skills for all characters
-Bosses and enemies revamped!
-New Weapons/Gear/Items!
-Story progression!
-New places to visit and dungeons to conquer!

Blades of Arrayos 1.04


Mark Hunting

Mark Hunting!
Introducing the Mark Hunting feature for Blades Of Arrayos!
Features Include:
  • New, strong, boss-like monsters to hunt throughout the world of Blades Of Arrayos!

  • Bulletin Boardsin every city, where you can view and accept different marks!

  • Different difficulty of marks throughout the game, ranging from Rank 1 to Rank 8, being the highest!

  • Epic lootto be obtained by killing certain marks!

  • New exclusive dungeonsto explore, designed for certain epic marks throughout the game!

One mark, for example, is the twisted demon Rothlin' Gar. You can only find Rothlin' Gar in a dungeon titled 'Rothlin's Retreat.' After solving the riddles of this dungeon, you get warped to a demonic realm to fight none other than Rothlin' Gar himself.

Hope to have an updated demo with the marks in both Arrayos and Aria Castle by 5/12/2012!

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