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Storyline and Setting

The nation of Darkmourne is suffering under the rule of a corrupt monarch. There is talk of religious war spreading to the neighbouring country of Zimala as King Wolfbane II seeks to spread his influence beyond his borders, and his subjects riot in the streets in protest of this drastic decision.

Due to the King’s relative youth and inexperience, Darkmourne is run largely by a council known as The Praesidium. Comprised of the heads of various guilds and factions, they make the daily decisions and carry out the King’s will. The people know them as little more than enforcers and support for the local guilds has declined as a result.

Darkmourne was once a paradise but has recently fallen into disrepute due to this instability and conflict, but one force hides within the shadows in service to the kingdom. Viewed as little more than traitors and vagabonds, The Family hold the majority of the political power in the capital city. They have spies within every institution and have bonded together under one banner in order to regulate crime and keep the country running smoothly.

South of the city, a young girl has signed on with a local merchant to serve as bodyguard on his expedition to the capital city. She sleeps soundly in the Royal Arms Inn, unaware of the role she is going to play in the salvation of the Kingdom . . .