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A fun platformer made with SMBX 1.4.2, a slightly newer
version of SMBX. In this episode, Luigi, Peach, and Toad get
another chance to shine in the spotlight. Guide them on an
epic adventure spanning a total of 8 diverse worlds.
The notoriously famous plumber, Mario is being held captive
against his will by Bowser. Luigi will have to rely on both
brains and his jumping skills if he wishes to see his brother again.
The puzzles and challanges in the levels will gradually increase
in difficulty as you progress towards bowser. There are plenty of
power-ups including the mega-mushroom. Collect flowers in most
levels to summon hidden stars needed to unlock the gates to the
star world and special world beyond! The bonus world enables you to
travel more freely between later worlds.

Latest updates:
Just restart SMBX engine if any glitch occurs.
Major update pending..

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  • Completed
  • Davenport
  • Super Mario Bros. X
  • Platformer
  • 04/24/2012 06:57 AM
  • 03/23/2020 03:49 AM
  • 04/24/2012
  • 113419
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I hope this is good, I WILL REVIEW
It says finished, yet there's no download?
The download link is ready. (W1-W6 polished)
It will be updated once more upon completion.
Reviews levels 1-4

The SMB2 shy guy enemies didn't fit the background and platforms, that has to be sorted
The graphics for the green Munchers are not working well, their graphics don't fit the black background revealer...
The Koopas in Twilight Meadows don't fit... that needs working on
The music is good but can get irritating
The YI graphics is good and the flower idea is very interesting
The levels are long, fairly tough and would make for a very relaxed game
Is Luigi supposed to be able to mount the two yoshis on the very far sides in Yoshi's Treehouse?
Brilliant level design and has good potential, keep up the good work Davenport!

I will do a proper review at the end, this is just to notch out a couple of problems in the first few levels
Beta is now officially complete.
All the minor bugs were fixed.
Please enjoy the game.
hi ave just question for you ave just play in your game ave bugs ave just start new game ave background black is bugs you just update your games please
Guardian of the Description Thread
hi ave just question for you ave just play in your game ave bugs ave just start new game ave background black is bugs you just update your games please

I'm translating this as "Hi, I have a question for you. I've just played the game, or tried to, anyway. When I press "New game", I got a black background. I presume this is a bug. Update your game, please!"

But that's just my interpretation.
Oh, in that case then, you have o wait, it's a very glitchy game and takes ages to load
There are no glitches in this game. Testing complete.

Investigation: After defeating castle 2 boss, there may be music glitch in the overworld map.
Just restart the program normally if you encounter it.

Once the zip-file is extracted into a single folder, just cut and paste it in the worlds folder.
Click Start Smbx and the corresponding name of the game will appear. Select it
to play that particular game. Please, make sure you don't tamper with the
sub-folders associated with specific levels or the default program graphics.

I adjusted the lava rate in level 4-3 (section3) from -0.7 to -0.5 so the player can have
more time to escape. Also sometimes a mushroom can fall into the lava causing the program to crash.

Version 1.5 is available to play.
Lots of updates were made including a few modifications.
Please enjoy!
Version 2.0: Eggman Ship is now accessable.
Thanks for playing! Save file included.
A music glitch may sometimes still occur in the overworld map.
Just restart the program to resume playing.

I'm happy with the original game.

Version 2.8 is now available.
I blended elements of the original terranova into
a single package.
Bonus: Added an epic Battle with Gruntilda midway through the game.
Final battle with Dr.Robotnick aboard his ship!
Version 3.0 Debugged
Thanks for playing.
I'm done updating this project.
World 5-F bug corrected.
Sorry about that. Ludwig castle made optional.
Rest of game is free of bugs. =]

A music glitch may pop up when starting a level in worlds (1,3,6)
Just restart the program to resume playing.
Disabling frameskip option might help reduce the chances
of any music/sound glitch.
I'm currently working on a sequel. Release date unknown.

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