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Starless Umbra 8.0.0b released!

It's about midnight, PST, on May 1st, and I promised a download so here you are!

Go grab a copy if you'd like. At over twice the filesize of my last release and one tenth the content, it's quite the bargain!


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RMN sex symbol
Well I do like shopping for sales ;)
wow0w how come this didnt pop up on my notices radar.
downloading at the speed of light*

*well....speed of comcast dsl........
I dont feel like writing a review until this project is fully completed, I dont feel like anyone should either. By far on of the best RM games Ive played so far and it just keeps evolving. Great work on this release, I found one passibility bug but other than that it was a solid release. DynRPG? Cherry's program really works wonder huh? Great work and keep the releases coming.
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