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Doing from the start! Version 0.1 RM(Remake). One year of FAILURE!

Unhapppy almost one year of FAILURE!
Well it been almost a year since "Seven Towers" Demo was release and was a failure (Well you can't change the past anyway). So I was checking the currently developing of the "Science & Magic F.R.W. (Family Reunion War) Game. And well it a bit disaster than the other game that I made(I blaming my excitement for this). Sad to speak I have to Remake the game from the start. And also I notice A ton of improvement need to be done. So after a Month of works I now getting to see that I really improved after a ton of feedback with the "Seven Tower" Game and going to be ready to show you what I have done with this game. But before I do this Let's me show you what I improved with some feature in this upcoming game.

  • Worst exterior Map Ever Created/Improved with new style of mapping.

  • Bad use of English/With a ton of reading English had been improved.

  • Cannot understand the concept of the story/Improved with new way of story telling.

  • Too much battle/Improved with a much lower battle rate.

  • Worst use of event/Improved with more practice with a test game.

  • Worst use of music/Improved through avoiding changing the music often.

Need to improve
  • Battle System

  • Other Misc stuff

If there anything I'm missing please pm me.

Look like that is out of the way, Now let's me introduced with some new concept with this new generation of the series. Which I like to called it the "1.5 Generation". Now a lot of stuff had change since the first game, But the first major changes was the logo:
Technically I was planning to create this kind of logo for the game but I got a little sidetrack to see if it fit to be used. It was a hard planning to design it but now it was worth it. Second off it the story. At first instead of playing it directly after pressing a new game. I change it to see the side story before the main game. Just like what you see in the teaser section on the main page. And also follow the main Future Helper motto which today I will reviled it in a big text.
The Future Helper Official Motto:
Know the past. Change the present. Into the future.
And now the third is the experience of the game. First the problem was everything from the story to the mapping. But that was fix in the later version until today. If I have the time I could prove you that a lot of changes to the game when the teaser demo will be release.

Oh yeah! before I forget. In the future Beta testing registration will be open. So stay tuned if the registration open. Since this will be a First come, First serve basis only. So hurry up if it open.

So that is about today update. And I hope to see you again next time.
Bye! :)


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But your grammar still needs improving!
Lol, well glad to know that you've been improving, and can't wait to see new screenies from you~ :)
Guardian of the Description Thread
You are not allowed to use a "Way to fail, Sataro!" meme!

We all hit stumbling blocks from time-to-time. Your main "stumbling block" in making the original Future Tower seemed to be a certain over-excitement in making your first game. Which is certainly understandable!
How do you remake a game that you yourself haven't finished making?
Anyways, good to see this project still going, great to have someone making me look good :3
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